Ghost Poop

October 28th, 2011

Hi, this is Candi again, and I decided to have something a little different for our church Trunk-or-Treat this year. I decided to make little goodie bags filled with Ghost Poop, aka chocolate marshmallows.

Here are all of my supplies:

4 bags of Chocolate Royale marshmallows

2-20 clear cellophane bag packs

10 sheets while card-stock

a stapler

We poured a couple of bags into a bowl for easier access and then put 10 marshmallows into each of our 40 bags.I even had a fancy helper!

(With two little girls in our house, we dress up a lot!)I just did a simple two column word document and imported a little ghost clip art.

Eash sheet of card stock was then cut in half both length wise and width wise to leave me with 4 cards from each sheet. And then I folded each card in half so that the words would be front and center once attached to the bags.And here you go:
super appetizing huh??And I was ecstatic that they filled up my witches cauldron. It seems like no matter how much candy we buy every year, it always looks pitiful and empty.

And the cost run-down (because I’m all about a good deal):

Marshmallows $1.25 x 4=$5, Bags $0.97 x 2=$1.94 and I already had the card stock and stapler

so my 40 treats = $6.94

A large bag of tiny chocolate bars was 19.97 at Walmart and these are SO much cuter!

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