October 18th, 2011

I pieced the back of Oliver’s quilt last night! This is huge progress since the front was pieced by my sister more than 6 months ago. Now I just need to figure out how to quilt it. I’m so stinking excited that I actually got this far though. So far my learning-how-to-quilt projects have been small and lame. This is pretty darn cool!

Oh and my little boy is growing up so fast 🙁 Please someone stop time!

3 responses to “Quilting!”

  1. Love this fabric…. I want to learn how to quilt! My grandmother passed away last year and she had the most beautiful capris… so I grabbed a bunch and thought I could make a quilt out of them… I haven’t done it yet because I am a “beginner” at sewing and I am totally afraid I will mess it up!!

  2. Cytel Snyder says:

    @ Linsay, I don’t know if you ever go back to your old comments but I will say it anyhow… just do it. Jump in to your quilting headfirst and don’t worry about perfection. Start with nice squares or rectangles and make row after row. Practice makes perfect as they say… and errors just prove it was made by a human.

    @ Project girl, I love your fabrics… Im certian you could get plenty of advice about quilting on the SMQG forum. My advice stretch each layer of the quilt and weigh down the edges, I use canned food around the edge. Also stay stich or safty pin all over, and last but not least, start the quilting in the center and work outward. This helps in eliminating wrinkles and puckers. Good luck.

  3. Katie Trott says:

    I love the fabrics that you picked! The aqua and yellow are just perfect together 🙂 have fun with it!

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