Weekly Wrap-up

October 2nd, 2011

Okay just a really quick wrap-up.

1. The half kitchen is almost done. seriously almost. Just need the plumber to come and Mr. Project just needs to finish painting the dishwasher panels. Here is the most updated photo I have:

More is done than this, but I haven’t taken a photo yet… so this is what you get. Once it’s all done, I’ll do a big giant post with lots of photos. I still need to sew the shades – this probably wont get done for awhile.

2. Ollie is pretty much crawling. Though luckily he is mostly content to hang out and play with his toys. But if he gets bored… watch out because he’ll be across the room before you know it. He also loves his binky with a passion (that’s what the B is for):

He’s more creeping than anything else, but he is really good at it. Sometimes he’ll just do the “zombie crawl” as we like to call it where he drags his limp body behind him with his arms doing all the work. It’s pretty adorable, like everything else he does. He is also doing really really well at happily playing by himself. This I love.

3. I want to go to disneyland for Christmas

4. LDS Conference weekend was great… but I didn’t get anything done. But we did get to spend time with friends, which I loved.

5. My brain has stopped working so I can’t think of anything else! But since October is here, I thought I would mention my Free Advertising November because I’ve only gotten a few entries and really want to hear from you!

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