Halloween Decorations Part 1 + Free SVG files

October 1st, 2011

How many parts will there be? That I am not sure yet! But I do know that I’ve been having so much fun decorating!

TA DA! My fireplace is almost done being decorated. I stayed up way too late last night getting my eclectic halloween banner finished.  I do have a few things still left to do – the chalkboard will have a creepy recipe or saying on it, and the burlap frame will have some sort of art pined to it, but really it’s ALMOST done, and it looks fantastic. I am so happy with how it’s turned out.

If you would like a detailed step-by-step tutorial on the banner, visit my halloween banner tutorial blog post at Design House Digital. I didn’t want it to get too wordy over there so I saved a few things for my blog. First thing was that I used burlap ribbon for the base-layer. I took this bolt of ribbon that I had (bought it clearance from Ballard designs last year for like $6), and basically hand pleated and fed it through my machine in a very sloppy manner. I wanted the whole thing to look spooky and unkempt.

Once I had a bunch of it pleated, I hung it on my mantle to make sure it was a good length.

Once I was happy with the length and draping, I cut it to size and then started building my flags.

You can read a bit more about that process on the Design House Digital blog. But basically I used my new Vintage Findings Halloween digital papers, printed them out and made some super cute flags using the printed out papers, plus some doilies, ribbons, and My Mind’s Eye brads. I did take some pictures about the process of staining the doilies, but I’ll post about that later next week.

What I wanted to share with all my readers is an awesome free download of the .SVG files (cutting files for digital cutters) for the banner shapes and the letters for this project (If you don’t have a cutter that will cut SVG files, I’ve also included a template that you can print out and use to cut your shapes by hand).

Click image below to being downloading zip file.

Click on the image above to download a PDF and SVG version of my printable banner project . The downloadable files in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. If you would like to blog about this free download, please accompany and images from my site with a credit and link back to this article. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page.

19 responses to “Halloween Decorations Part 1 + Free SVG files”

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  2. Alexandra says:

    That’s one of the most beatiful Halloween decorations ever! Well done, Jen!

  3. seriously stunning!

  4. total awesomeness….I really love the natural colors!!

  5. Karryann says:

    WOW, your mantle looks great Love how it turned out- Your Banner is ADorable.. I think I might give that a try..
    Thanks for stopping in today- I bought the clockface as well and brought home the birds -Thanks for Inspiring me to decorate at home..
    Great Blog
    (Gracefully Vintage)

  6. Your Halloween Decor is gorgeous! Loving the banner & framed burlap. Wish I could find some in a large size. You did a spooky job(;

  7. Jen Allyson says:

    Thanks for stopping by Karryann! I still need to decorate the cute burlap frame that I got from your shop. I am glad you’re working on your decorations too!
    Suzanne! I’m glad you stopped by, you know you’re my favorite designer!

  8. Trisha says:

    Thank you for this fun Halloween banner!

  9. Nancy says:

    Your banner is fantastic – thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Tracy says:

    Fantabulous! Thank you for so generously sharing your time and talent with those of us less talented.

  11. Lisa says:

    Hi Jen

    I just wanted to say Thank you for this adorable svg file. I have it saved and hope to cut it out soon. I have featured this banner and your mantel over at blog. I would love for you to stop by and check it out.

    Lisa Scrappinginklady

  12. This is so gorgeous! I love how you added the banner & the webbing…..it is perfect! Visiting from Homestories!

  13. Tracy says:

    Jen, Love your mantel and want to try it but I can’t get the files to download, it says that the file isn’t windows compatible and invalid. Anyone help me out?

  14. Cidne says:

    Your mantle looks so awsome! Thanks for sharing to give us all more ideas! I am going to try to make a banner – hopefully it will turn out as cute as yours!

  15. Kim says:

    It is September 2014 but I had the same problem. For anyone else who thinks the link for the file is gone, it is not. Click on the @2011 http://WWW.THEPROJECTGIRL.COM FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!

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