Motivated Monday – Storage container index *free download

October 31st, 2011

If you’re like me, you have tons of storage bins for your holiday decorations. And they are probably unlabeled. So when a holiday comes your husband has to take ALL of the bins from the top shelf and you have to go through every single one until you find all of the bins for any given holiday. Or is it just me? Well hopefully this awesome seasonal storage container index will take some time and grief away from your holiday bin storage. And since you’re about to pack up your Halloween decorations, there is no time like the present to get organizing!

Click image below to begin download.

This is how the index is filled out:

And then you cut the label out on the right and attach it to your storage bin:

The remainder of the sheet becomes your index and you 3-hole punch it and put it in your holiday binder for quick reference when you need to take out your holiday decorations next year!

Click on the form images above to download a PDF version of my printable seasonal storage container index. The downloadable PDFs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. If you would like to blog about this free download, please accompany and images from my site with a credit and link back to this article. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page. At this time, no customizations of this or any of my forms are available. Forms are a free download AS IS.

A Grandmother’s Heirloom

October 31st, 2011

I have a few laying around the house, providing a stunning base for an ordinary household item such as a lamp, or a vase.
They are all intricate in design, various sizes and shapes, but I treasure them all the same.
They are doilies hand crocheted from my mother’s mother, a fine and talented woman.

The Gertie “Girly” Stamps from My Mind’s Eye Stella and Rose Collection reminded me so much of Grandma’s Heirlooms.
I searched the internet for inspiration and found many stunning displays of doilies that could easily be transformed in a card format.
(simply click on the inspiration image to be taken to the source sight)
Each card features the stamping technique, heat embossing.


Let’s start with a bit of sparkle. Doilies, Diamonds and Pearls.
Perfect for a congratulatory wedding or engagement card.

In addition to the white embossed doilies, I added a fancy sentiment that was heat embossed in silver and a few small pearls as accents.


Moving from the glitz and glam to the comfort of home. Doilies and Woodgrain.

Woodgrain dry embossed card stock provides a base for the many layers of heat embossed doilies, like they were scattered on top of a table.


And finally, doilies bring an extra special touch to holiday decorating. Doilies. Snow. A touch of blue.

This card features the “resist” technique in addition to the plain heat embossing.


There are so many opportunities for this one beautiful stamp set! I now have a good start to a card set to give as a Christmas or Birthday gift.

I’m thinking that my Grandmother might like these…
Thanks, and I’ll catch you later. ~ Karen, The Bald Dragonfly

Fall Subway Art Finds

October 28th, 2011

Living in the great Midwest, I get to experience all the seasons at their best!  🙂

My favorite season of all….FALL!

However, I like to call it HARVEST!  🙂

This is why….

Usually every fall I get to spend a few hours in the drivers seat of the combine.

However, this year, I just sat in the passengers seat for about an hour.
It has been a busy season of working my real job and my fun job {plus, it’s a ‘new’ combine…and I didn’t want to wreck it!}.

I did get to haul some corn back to the home site, which just added a few more minutes to my already dozens of hours of tractor time.
{My fun job….I often drive a tractor for the hayrides on the weekends at Center Grove Orchard.}

So, due to being busy and some traveling with my real job, in addition to the extra hours I’ve put in at my fun job, on top of being sick for the past week, my post has changed a little.

In honor of my favorite season, I have done some Pinterest searching for fall/autumn subway art.

Subway art is the rage these days.  It is an easy, cheap, and fun addition to any home decor.

I thought about making my own subway art at one point, but with all the freebies out there, I took the easy way out.  🙂

Over on Pinterest, I made a board of Fall Subway Art.

Some of the links have other free fall printables there as well.

Here are a few of my favorites.
{Each picture is linked directly to the website it was found on via Pinterest.}

Once you find some art that will work best for your home, either print it off if you have a nice printer, or send it off to some place that can print it for you.  I have printed things like this at Walmart, Target, local print shop, etc.

To finish off the look, get yourself a nice frame from Hobby Lobby {or the store of your choice}.  I always go to HobLob, because 1) it’s local; and 2) if I don’t get things 50% off, I wait for the 40% off coupon.  🙂

As the seasons {or your mood} change, so can your subway art…and on the cheap!