NOW thats a house of a different color + Weekly wrap-up

September 25th, 2011

Yay the house is finished being painted! It looks about a million times better than when we bought it. I do wish that the color looked a little more warm gray – it did on the swatch – but I still love it!

So now that the house looks all crisp and shiny, it makes the yard look that much more terrible (who knew the yard could look worse??).  And we don’t really want to rip out the yard because we’re planning on ripping out all the concrete and re-designing the drive-way to wrap across the property. Until we do that, we’re not really doing anything else with the front other than trying to keep the brambles tamed. But eventually the driveway will wrap the width of the yard thus making it less steep of a drive. And  we’ll get rid of the pine tree and all the rosemary and hedge-y bushes and put a lot of modern landscaping instead. So it will look really nice once it’s done.

The cherry countertops are not yet installed in the kitchen. I’m trying not to think about it too much, but it should happen this week, they are really close to being finished. The kitchen is one of those things that just feel like it will never be done and you just give-up hope until it’s actually finished.

In Ollie news…. Ollie can now move front, back, side to side, he’s completely mobile folks! He now has the core strength to go from sitting to laying without falling, which is great news! He has been teething and his little mouth is hurting him. So we had a slightly whiney Ollie this week paired with a low fever. poor guy. I can tell that there is something awakened in him… a need to explore EVERYTHING. Whereas before he was content to sit and play, now he wants to move and touch and taste and be everywhere. He sees everything and wants to experience it too. Its so much fun to see him really see the world, but at the same time, it’s a lot more work! I really need to get this product line finished so that I can go back to only working at night. Pretty soon he’s not going to be containable at all!!

I did much better at taking photos this week. I was even able to get a few on Monday morning before my parents left… so at least I got those few photos of their trip.

This week…

Ollie spent a lot of time with his grandma

and his Grandpa.

And they all had a lot of fun.

And I was so happy they all got to spend time together.

He started doing this cute thing where he gnaws on his lower lip.

I tried to get a few pics of him doing it because it was just too cute!

And we played with possible hairstyles 😉

But settled on his regular mo-poof.

And Ollie fell asleep snuggling his new favorite stuffed animal – Rodney the Rhino.

And speaking of photos, be sure to join the October photo challenge. I’m going to try and get a linky thing going. You can also have your blog linked via Our Wired Lives.

2 responses to “NOW thats a house of a different color + Weekly wrap-up”

  1. Melissa says:

    I love the new house color! It is so much better than the old color. I do hate that pine tree. It takes away from the view of the beautiful house. I know it takes time. We are moving in June. We are taking over my mother in law’s house. I don’t have to do anything, but add my chalkboard in the kitchen & move our items into the house. Settle into the new house. Can suggestions on how to make this house ours? I want to use our routines that the kids are used to.

  2. Lori says:

    Love the blue color! I’m planning to give the October challenge a try too. Maybe it will motiviate me to get my blog up-to-date.

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