Weekly wrapup – **pioneer style

September 18th, 2011

**Okay not quite pioneer style since this is typed and on the internet… but there are NO photos because NO photos were taken this week even though they should have been taken because 1. Ollie will never be as little as he is now, and 2. His grandparents were in town and there is no visual record. I’m super sad, but trying not to beat myself up too much. **

It’s been quite the week! So all week – like every waking moment – I’ve been working on my new line for MME. By Wednesday I felt burnt out, by Thursday I was ready to kill someone! So I took the day off, and boy was it a glorious day. But then I had to get back to it in the evening. The hardest thing about working so hard on one specific project is that everything else on my to-do list completely goes by the wayside and after a few days, I just feel like I’m getting nothing else done but the one task. I just hate that feeling. So I am hoping to be finished very soon so that I can get moving on my other obligations. I also miss my baby! I’ve still gotten to spend some quality time with him. But not like my normal schedule, I just miss being with him all the time.

The world has been twirling and swirling around my stationary body. My parent’s visit has been so much fun. They have loved to spend time with Ollie and see him grow and play. I have tried to steal a few minutes here and there to just sit and chat, and I actually cooked this week! I swear it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve actually cooked a real non-holiday meal. I guess it’s those types of experiences that busy steals from you, busy and pregnant and sometimes lazy. I do feel after this week of cooking, that we should be making an effort to plan and make dinners.

Ollie has been growing by leaps and bounds. He has finally taken to rolling over on his stomach, and he especially loves to do so when I’m changing his diaper or getting him dressed. He so badly wants to crawl and he’s figured out how to scoot backwards and inch his way in any direction to get where he wants to go. Luckily we are much much faster than he is… for now. I swear I didn’t get any photos this week 🙁 Which is especially sad because my folks were here. I’m mad at myself, but I was working so much I just never had a great opportunity to make it happen.  Ollie also learned how to wave this week, and is now enjoying squeeling, grunting, growling and yelling as much as he can at the least opportune times. The rest of the time, he’s super mellow. I guess he just likes to break the silence. He started to cry a few times when I left the room this week. A little separation anxiety perhaps, but most likely him having a hard time not being with his mommy all the time. 🙁 He is sleeping like a champ, and goes to sleep at night really well. His daytime naps are another story. He fights naptime about half the time, but lately I’ve just been putting him in his crib when he gets this way, and he manages to get himself to sleep and with less fussing then if I were trying to sooth him. Works for me! I think his teeth are coming in. You can feel some roughness when you rub his gums. He also had a little bit of a cold on Friday, but I think it was just related to teething since it was over so quickly. He’s also been running a little bit of a fever or “elevated temperature” as my doctor likes to call any temp below 99.0. It was hard to see him so sad, but I’m glad that he’s feeling a little bit better now.

Spencer and I gave talks in church this week. It was not the best week to speak in church because of all the busy, but somehow we managed to find time somewhere to prepare, and I think we did a pretty good job. We spoke on missionary work and I really felt inspired to be better at sharing with people our beliefs. It was also nice to have my parents there to hear us speak and to wrangle Ollie for us.

The house had some BIG changes this week. The whole exterior was painted!!! Or rather it’s still being painted, but we’re really close. It’s looking so nice, but now it looks too nice and it makes the landscaping look even worse!! We’re going to have to scrape together some money and re-do the driveway and front yard in the not-to-distant future. The painting should be done Monday or Tuesday, so I’ll get a before/after photo when it’s all done.

This week we went and got wood for the wood countertops. We purchased cherry, but I’m freaking out a bit because I want it to be dark – but dark like cherry and not dark like walnut. But Mr. Project is a purist and won’t stain it. We have gotten some advice to leave it out in the sun to darken it naturally, so hopefully that will be a good compromise. I found backslash tile this week, and need to get it ordered. Mr. Project said something about having the countertop installed before Thursday… so we’ll see what happens. But I would be estatic if it were installed because that would mean that we could have the sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher all installed as well. YIPPEE!!!! I will try to be a much much better blogger this week and get progress photos.

I also managed to choose my new Creative Contributor team! I received so many great entries and it was really hard to choose. I will be announcing the contributors tomorrow morning, so check back tomorrow.

So that was our week. I feel like my brain is only half working, but I wanted to get all of this down before I forgot since I don’t have photos to jog my memory.

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