Weekly wrap-up

September 11th, 2011

The most notable thing that happened this week was that the sink-side of the kitchen cabinets got installed and painted and looks amazing! The rest of the week was spent working on my new scrapbooking line and getting the guest room ready for my parent’s visit. Here it is right now:

It’s pretty much complete except the curtains need to go up AND I will make a quilt for the foot of the bed, once I get my new fabric. The other side of the room is not quite so pretty… its floor to ceiling storage bins. We still don’t have any closet organizers or doors, so it is what it is for now! I did find a cute chair at Pier one though that does fit nicely in the space next to the storage bins, and will be nice for my parents to useĀ  so they have more of a “retreat” area instead of just a bed in a room.

Our friend Kristy started helping us out this week with Ollie. She comes 2-3 days a week to take care of the baby and help with little things around the house. It was great to have her this week because I’m super under the gun with a deadline, and all of the prep for my folks to come out was a bit intense. And its just fun to have her around, she is hilarious and such a sweetheart, and Ollie does prefer blondes, so he’s happy too!

Speaking of our cute boy…

I left him sitting on this chair for just a moment while I was getting him a bottle, and when I peeked back into the room to check on him, he was sitting there cuddling his zebra, it was so cute, I had to grab my camera and snap a few shots. He had just woken up from his nap, so he was super mellow and so tired that he wouldn’t even smile for me. This week in baby news… he is definitely starting to get the idea of crawling. He keeps trying to put his legs underneath his body when he’s laying on his stomach. He is babbling and smiling a lot, and is just generally happy. I love that when I go into his room after he wakes up or takes a nap, that he is so so happy to see me. He loves being on his play mat, a blanket on the floor, or his bouncy, but he also loves to be cuddled. He loves any toys that he can shove in his mouth and chew on, and he also has really started loving stuffed animals. He wants to touch everything he sees, and is constantly looking around and exploring his environment. He also loves bath time, and playing with his toys in the bath. I still can’t believe he’s 6 months old!!

Spencer went to Wisconsin this weekend to teach a workshop, I can’t wait to see him tomorrow morning. I am so bad at staying on task or sleeping when he’s not here. Its like I’m unbalanced and can’t quite function in a normal way. I also miss going on trips with him. But we are going to try and go to Savannah in the fall together and possibly without the baby, though it will be really really hard to be away from the baby for a few days.

Word of the week: Excited. I’ve just been so excited for my parents to get here. Partly because I love spending time with them, partly because I am excited for them to spend a lot of time getting to know Ollie, and partly because I wanted them to see the house. My dad loves it and is super impressed with how great all the work on it looks.

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  1. Jill says:

    I have that same outfit for my little boy, but I sad to say that he’s already growing out of it and it makes me sad.

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