Kitchen Cabinents are painted!!

September 8th, 2011

YAY!!! the kitchen cabinets on the sink side are pretty much complete! They are looking so so so beautiful, I really want ya’ll to stop by so you can see how beautiful they really are! We’ve been working hard on them this week, and by we, I mean Mr. Project and his very lazy (ready busy taking care of a baby and trying to get a product line done) assistant Jen Allyson.  Mr. Project finished installing all the cabinets (on the window wall) Saturday night.  I used wood-filler on all the nail holes , dings, and seams, then we started painting on Monday night and finished Tuesday night.  Here is a shot of the cabinets after the first coat of primer:

The process went something like this: Putty, tape, prime, sand, prime, sand, paint, sand, paint. But the result is glorious! Mr. Project wanted to put a clear varnish coat, but after much discussion, we decided to not do it, mostly because I don’t like the sheen in the varnish. The paint that we used is an acrylic laytex paint that is made for cabinets and trim it’s called ProClassic by Sherwin Williams. I actually really liked this paint, though It still is showing some roller texture, but it could still even out. The satin finish on it is gorgeous, it’s just a velvety luxurious feel that seems to also be super durable. Here is a shot from this morning, they are completely painted:

I could hardly wait to see the drawers in the cabinet, but Mr. Project had to finish painting them. Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long, only a few hours to let them dry. Then they went in, smooth like butter! And I almost died at how awesome they looked:

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, We put the 8″ pulls on it!

It is times like these where I really wish I were a great photographer, because these photos do not do these cabinets justice. They are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. They are absolutely perfect in every way. Basically I would marry them if it were legal. I’ll have to get some shots in the daylight, that should help a little bit. SO the sink cabinet drawers should be finished being painted tomorrow, and the dishwasher panels will be painted once the dishwasher is actually installed. The panels are made, but slightly over-sized just waiting for their final dimensions.

As far as the countertops go, Mr. Project is going on a business trip, so he’s got to take a few days off of cabinet & countertop building, so he estimates that this side will be all finished (minus the backsplash) by next friday. Lucky for me my folks are coming to visit, so I won’t be alone! Unlucky for me, I still won’t have a working kitchen for my houseguests. But lucky for me because I’m going to have the most gorgeous kitchen ever! Okay I’m going to go and stare at the cabinets for 20 minutes before going to bed.

16 responses to “Kitchen Cabinents are painted!!”

  1. Gennifer says:

    Looks amazing, Jen!

  2. Dee A says:

    oh, my gosh, Jen! That is one beautiful set of cabinets. The 8″ pulls just brings it all together.

  3. lucy says:

    these are beautiful , put mine to shame x well done x

  4. joanna says:

    They look AWESOME Jen!!!!! How nice to have such a handy Hubby!!!! I would marry them too!!!

  5. Stephanie Brieger says:

    If you went into more detail of how you painted your cabinets and exactly what tools/ materials you used- I would absolutely not be offended. They look so perfect! I’ve been trying to find a good tutorial on how to paint furniture perfectly like you did! 🙂

  6. Mary Mary says:

    Where can I get myself a Mr. Project? It looks fantastic!!

  7. Jen Allyson says:

    I think I’ve talked Mr. Project into doing a little series on cabinet making and painting… I am not detail oriented, so I am not a good expert on painting, but he is super picky about each step of the process.

  8. Alys says:

    Love them! I want to come see them in person!

  9. Jen Allyson says:

    Alys, come on over! and grab some fabric while you’re here!

  10. michelle a says:

    Beautiful! You are one lucky girl. Mr. Project did an awesome job, he is very talented! Im so jealous, I want my kitchen redone now! Cant wait to see the whole kitchen done.

  11. Bridget says:

    Oh your new cabinets are wonderful! I think it’s SO smart that you have mostly drawers than the door/shelfing. It just makes more sense to me. Again.. fabulous!!!

  12. Lizelle says:

    Wow – they are awesome! I’m suffering from serious cabinet envy now!

  13. alicia king says:

    they do look so smooth!! awesome job! i’ll be painting some cabinets for our kitchen remodel, here soon!

  14. OMG!I love this! I’ve scrolled over you pictures about 5 times and think they are stunning. We just ordered our cabinets a few weeks ago custom and are also doing inlaid almost identical to yours and I’m so glad we did after seeing yours. Can’t wait to see your reveal. Thanks for your commment on my blog!

  15. BEAUTIFUL!! Quick question I hope you take time to answer – is the underside of the cabinets completely open behind those fancy “toekicks” or is there a base farther back where it cannot be seen? Now that you have had these in for quite a while, does dust accumulate under those cabinets? Is it easy to keep clean? I like the idea behind it but hubby wants to know the practicality!

  16. Jen Allyson says:

    The cabinets are NOT open. They have a toe-kick like regular cabinets do, except ours is stained to match the flooring so that it looks like it is open. I have seen it where people have white toe-kicks behind, but I didn’t want to have to worry about scrubbing back there. As far as dust goes, it’s not too bad. But we sweep daily because Ollie gets his food all over the kitchen floor. No extra sweeping is necessary to keep them clean though since they have the toe-kick in the back.

    When I was designing the kitchen, Mr. Project was NOT in favor of the cut-out baseboards on the cabinets – for all the reasons that you ask, but they have not been a pain at all, and they are so pretty 😀

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