Favorite Baby Products

September 7th, 2011

Ollie will be 6 months old on friday. 6 MONTHS OLD. I think I’m going to cry. Seriously.

In the last 6 months, I’ve encountered many baby accessories, but these are my favorites so far:

PUJ tub: I couldn’t have lived without this for the first 5 months of Ollie’s life. Now he can sit in a flat sink, so we’ll retire it until the next little one comes.

Jack’s Harvet Baby Food: LOVE this organic frozen baby food. Just like mom makes because mom is a working mom and has no time to actually make it.

Beaba Silicone Spoons: These clean up so well, don’t have hard metal parts, and Ollie loves to chew on them.

Jumperoo: Are you kidding me? This was the best 75 bucks I have ever spent in. my. life. If you have a baby who is old enough, go and get one right now, you will not regret it.

Nuk or Playtex Ortho “Binkies” (KA that’s for you): A great pacifier is the best invention in the world. I just wish you could get them in more colors. boo.

Aden & Anais Swaddlers: These are awesome multi-purpose blankets that breath really well, and don’t over-heat baby. They wash and wear really well instead of looking dingy and gross.

What are your favorite baby products?

3 responses to “Favorite Baby Products”

  1. Alys says:

    The Squirt by Boon. This was great for church. I would fill this baby up with applesauce and not have to worry about a mess. PLUS, everyone who sees is in in AWE. I mean everyone. “Where did you get that?”


  2. Natalie says:

    My must have is my philandteds double stroller. You can use it as a single and then add the second seat when needed. It takes up the room of a single and doesn’t feel like you are pushing around a bus that constantly bumps into things. Very versatile. Very smooth ride. The BEST thing I’ve ever bought in my 9 years of being a mom. Wish I had known about it after my first kid instead of after number 3.


    I’m also in love with my Beaba Babycook. My little boy won’t look at a vegetable sideways so I have to puree them and stick them in smoothies and other sneaky recipes. (Also love my Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious cookbooks.)


  3. Hooter Hider. I nurse my babies and this is a must have for me. I can pull this out anywhere and nurse away. I think there are several out there that are probably just as well designed too.


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