Weekly Wrap-up

September 4th, 2011


Our dishwasher was delivered this week! It’s the drawer style and it’s a “panel” version, which means that Mr. Project is making wood panels that match the rest of the cabinets, making the dishwasher really look like actual drawers instead of a dishwasher. Pretty awesome!

The cabinets are all installed, and Mr. Project is working on the kick plates, and once those are finished, painting should begin!

We took a little bit of time this week to get the studio under control. It feels a lot more organized and clean, which is good for productivity. All the rooms in the house are on “temporary” decoration, so the room is a little blah and definitely needs to be “HGTVed” but, I’ll settle for some nice office chairs for now. I can’t sit on the hard kitchen chairs that we are using in there right now for very long, and my folks are coming to visit, so we do actually need those chairs in the kitchen.


We got our family room light fixture this week. It is gorgeous! I am dying for our electrician to get it hung up on Tuesday. It’s going to be such a great focal point in the family room. All of the outlets have finally been replaced with new ones, and the light fixtures in the master bath were also installed. We are getting there!

Spencer also stained the stair railings today, the stairs should be this week, or maybe next depending on how much time he has. You can’t really use the stairs for a few days after they are stained and sealed, so it’s been really hard trying to coordinate getting them finished. We may just have to live downstairs for a few days! That should be fun.

I went shopping this week and bought some cute decor for the house including a giant mirror for the entryway. The console table that I purchased should be here at the end of the week and I’m excited to get that table all set up. I really wish we had an Tai Pan Trading here though. Boo. I also found some adorable yellow wire baskets for the nursery and we moved a book case from our temporary kitchen up to his room which will be nice for all his books, whatnots and whose-its.

Oh and the towel saga has come to an end! I got some awesome towels on Saturday… I won’t spoil it now, I’m going to do a follow-up post on Tuesday or Wednesday once the chandelier for the guest bathroom has been hung, so I can do a final update on our one finished room!


Our good friend Kristy came to visit us this week. She’s such a sweetie, and she’s actually going to be helping us out a bit with some part-time nannying and taking over some of my more mundane work tasks so that I can actually hit my work deadlines and keep this blog organized too. I am so excited to be spending more time with her she’s such a doll, and ollie loves her too, of course. I also got to spend some time with my friend Staci – she was sweet enough to go shopping with me on Saturday. It was great catching up and just having some girl time including a yummy lunch at Boudin.


After our vacation smorgasbord, we decided we needed to get on the train to healthyville, so we’ve been doing our best to stay away from all bad foods, and get some exercise as well. Things are going great, and we will soon be at our pre-vacation weights, and then hopefully quickly thereafter at our pre-renovation weights. And then I’ve got to work on getting back to my pre-Lost & Found 1 weight! That line really took a toll on me, and then getting pregnant right after did not help at all! And hopefully after all that work, we can start working on a little brother or sister for Oliver!


We’ve decided to do a week-long experiment of staying away from facebook (other than my project girl page). We tend to waste a little bit too much time there, and so this is an effort to be more productive. After the week is over, we’re going to try for some moderation, if that doesn’t work, we’ll have to try a whole month off!! I might cry!


Ahhhh this boy is the best! I just love him so much! He is just such a sweetheart and practically perfect in every way. seriously. He has started saying “mama” – like really saying it. It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever heard. I’ve gotten it on video a few times, I just have no idea how to get video on the internet. I’ll work on that, because it’s way too cute to not share! He is such a good sleeper. Every night we do bath, book, family prayer, bottle with scripture reading, and then bed. He goes right down around 7PM, and has been fairly consistently sleepingĀ  until 5 or 6 am. Daddy gets up with him and brings him to bed with me, and he eats and then we sleep in until 8. On Saturday Spencer was up at 6 and the baby was still sleeping, when he came back upstairs, he could hear the baby just laying in his crib babbling and saying mama. I woke up to hear all this (loud)babbling, and of course my heart melted. He loves eating solid foods, and is a super clean & good eater, which is great because I have no bibs, and can’t find any cute enough to buy, so he won’t have bibs unless I do find them! I have a bjorn bib thing, but that is for when they are a bit bigger and get super messy (I guess?). He is just acting and looking so grown up these days. I would cry if it wasn’t so much fun to see him become his own little person. I see other teeny babies, and as much as I wish Ollie was still teeny, I’m so glad he isn’t, he is growing into such a fun boy. I swear he will be crawling any day now. He can move around a lot, but not so much scooting yet. But he tries… so I say probably 2-3 weeks and he will be at least trying to scoot everywhere. Then we are just plain in trouble.

Me and Ollie today :)

Word of the week: Happy

Every day is filled with so much joy with Oliver in our lives. Our world revolves around him, and he makes us smile, laugh, and do all manner of silly things to keep him entertained. Basically he just makes life worthwhile, exciting, and so much FUN.

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