Weekly wrap-up with kitchen update

August 29th, 2011

Things have been busy this past week. Mr. Project has spent nearly the whole week in his shop working away on the cabinets. Today he brought them upstairs and they are just waiting to be installed and then painted! Here is the progress:

He is pretty amazing, and I am completely in love with him… AND the cabinets!  And if you don’t know much about cabinets, these are called “inset” cabinets where the doors are flush with the face frame. It requires absolute precision and is like a 10 on the difficult scale of cabinet making. Apparently I like to make things as difficult as possible. Here is a photo of the style all painted white (like ours will be soon!):

(Ashlee Raubach Photography)

We had some bin pull drama this week too. I ordered a massive amount of these new cabinet pulls from pottery barn:

But we got them and they were just OK. So then we looked into the Gillmore pulls from Restoration Hardware:

but after looking at those we just kind of wanted something a little bit different. Bin pulls are all the rage right now, but they’ll probably go out of style sooner rather than later, and we just wanted something unique. Since the inspiration for the kitchen is farmhouse based, we thought a utilitarian pull would be super fun. So we found this on at RH as well:

I ran over to my local RH and picked up all the 6″ pulls that they have and I love them! They are super functional (unlike the bin pulls that have to be pulled from the bottom and can’t fit giant fingers/hands).  I had to order a massive amount, but they should be here by the time the cabinets have been painted. I also need to go buy paint still, but I swear I have stage fright when picking paint.

In other kitchen news, I was so so so happy to finally find the fabric for the kitchen windows! Randomly I stopped by Calico Corners while I was out and about (It must be the new commercial blitz they have been doing), and was super impressed by their home decor fabric selection. And the prices were really reasonable too. Anyway I found a 4″ cabana stripe that will make the most amazing roman shades… or faux roman shades.

Ahh it makes me feel relaxed just looking at it. Now the last thing to choose for the kitchen is the backsplash tile. I’m hoping to find something that is super pale aqua but with variation like a recycled glass tile. Wish me serious luck because I don’t have much hope that it will happen.

okay that’s enough kitchen talk… now onto the everyday.

Our sweet Oliver is growing up, I like to say “I’m a real boy” just like Pinocchio in Shrek when people say he’s getting so big, and really he is like a real boy, hardly a baby at all.

I am packing up all his 0-3 month clothes and he has officially grown out of half of his jammies that he was wearing, so I bought a bunch of new cute jammies today. I guess that’s one way to get over the emotional stress of them growing up – retail therapy with cute new baby clothes. I do have to admit it was really hard to see all the tiny newborn clothes next to the bigger baby clothes. sigh.

He is still super happy and mellow although I can see the energy building up in him. In the morning he just wants to go go go even though he can’t really go yet. I have to enjoy all these “containable” moments, because he is going to take off in no time and never ever stop. He is starting to really babble and we even get a mama out of him every once in awhile which I love. He is eating pureed food and loving every bite. He even whines in between bites because I am not fast enough.  He is a very clean eater right now and just gobbles up his food. He has had apple sauce, mashed bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and mangos. He liked them all even the peas which he liked a little less until I mixed them with a little bit of apple sauce. But overall he’s a pretty awesome eater. He doesn’t seem to like rice cereal that much, but he will drink some with his night-time bottle without argument. He still loves his bouncy seat and his play mat,  so between those things I can still get a little bit of work (and some crafts) done when he’s awake. He’s also been taking a longer mid-day nap which is really really nice!

I love this boy so so so much and I really do think that everything he does is way too cute. I know I say it all the time, but I love being his mom.

In other family news, my folks are going to come and visit in 2 weeks. I can’t hardly wait, but I need to get the guest room in order, which is going to be quite the task since we are storing all of our storage bins in the guest room while Mr. Project is using the garage for the cabinets. Soooo I’ll have to move all those bins into my craft room while they are here. Sounds messy and crowded, but totally worth it.

Well thats it in news this week. We’re mostly just busy working on the house, working on work, and working on raising a little one!

3 responses to “Weekly wrap-up with kitchen update”

  1. Jan in Alberta says:

    Those cabinets are amazing! Kudos to Spencer – what talent and great skill he has. The kitchen will be gorgeous. The fabric you chose is so totally your style; I’ll cross my fingers that you can find the perfect tile to go with. When I reno’d my kitchen 4 years ago that was the hardest part for me. I must have looked at a thousand different tiles before I bought the very first ones I checked out.

    Oliver is such a handsome fellow! I can’t blame him for not liking rice cereal – have you tasted that stuff? Ew. The only way I could get any of mine to eat it was to mix it with a bit of fruit. (Then it looks even worse than it tastes!)

    Have a great visit with the folks.


  2. Mary Mary says:

    I love inset cabinets sooooo much. Your kitchen is going to be amazing!

  3. Jackie Centeno says:


    Will you be releasing a 2012 version of your planner? Also, will there be an option to customize it? I am not a stay at home mom nor do I work from home so I would like to be able to customize the chores and to do’s a little more to fit my schedule/family etc.


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