Sharpies rock… as if you didn’t already know

August 25th, 2011

Boy was my husband jealous when my box from Sharpie came in the mail this week. I guess he’s been trying to get them to send HIM a package of goodies since he has a sketching website and all! Of course I was excited because I love sharpies, and they made this adorable package just for me – the bag is even sharpied out and it really was hand-drawn, not just printed to look hand-drawn. Thats the kind of love an attention any blogger deserves!

So Sharpie is hosting a Sharpie YouTube Takeover this Saturday, and they want entries at of all the awesome stuff that you make with sharpies.  You should see the amazing things that people have already submitted, you can see shoes, and drawings and even a motorcycle all sharpied out!  I’ve got a few crafty ideas up my sleeve and am going to get one of them done tonight. The other idea will take a little more time so I’ll miss the “Take-over” but I’ll share it with ya’ll in a week or so when I’m done. Anyway if you have any cool sharpie creations, I’d love to see them!

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