How to make fabric flowers tutorial- Quite Contrary

August 22nd, 2011

Janell here, In March I got a hold of some of Jen Allyson’s Quite Contrary Fabric Collection from Riley Blake and I made my daughter this cute summer dress, but what’s a girl to do without accessories? Make some of course!

There’s still time for a few summer craft projects, these flowers are so simple you can whip up a bunch to enjoy for the rest of the summer or give a few away, they make perfect gifts.  Simple, sweet, and handmade.

The best part about these projects is that they can be made from fabric scraps.  Those of you who work with fabric have oodles of scraps. I chose five different fabrics from Quite Contrary.  For the first flower, you’ll need thread, a needle, scissors, and extra embellishments like buttons, hair clips, or a head band if you choose.

Start with cutting a circle about the size of your hand from one piece of fabric.  You don’t need to make this is perfect circle, in fact a little imperfection adds to the fun of these flowers.

The take your threaded needle and simply stitch about a ¼ inch all around the border.

Then gently pull to cinch the circle together.  Repeat with another circle of fabric slightly smaller than your first circle.  You can make multiple layers to add depth and beauty to your flower.  Once you have at least two circle flowers you can layer them one on top of the other and stitch together.  I added a button so I sewed all three together at the same time.  You can also use jewels or beads in the center, or leave the flowers plain.

Now you can attach the flower to a clip or a hair band or an elastic hair tie.  I wanted to make a fabric covered hair hand to attach the flower to.  This is also very simple to do.  Take your head band that you want to cover and a few long strips of fabric. I chose to tear some strips because I like the raw frayed look of the edges. I started with two long strips that were about ¾ inch thick.  Take a hot glue gun or your favorite craft glue and start at one end and wrap the headband with the fabric strips adding glue about every inch or so.

You can attach your flowers with a little glue or you can sew them on as well. I chose to do both to make sure they were very well attached since I knew my toddler might not be so gentle with her headband.

I even made a card with an extra fabric flower that I had.

The second flower is a “no-sew” flower, also great for scraps.  Tear some strips of fabric anywhere from 1 inch thick to 2 inches.  You can experiement with the thickness to find one you like.  Tie a knot at the end of one strip and start twisting the ends around the knot to form a circle. As you go place glue around the edges. I used a hot glue gun, because that’s what I already had out, but a quick dry craft glue would be ideal and you don’t have to worry about getting burned.

Here are three examples of the different looks you can get from different fabrics using the Quite Contrary line.

The hair clips (below) I started with the pink polka dots for the center of the flowers and then wrapped them with green circles.  I filled the center with brads and buttons.

Try layering multiple flowers for a larger hair barrette or attaching to a pin for a fun, colorful broach.  Make a few for present toppers, magnets, scrapbooking or t-shirt embellishments, there are so many ways to use fabric flowers.

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