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August 17th, 2011

Well we’re back from vacation, and I have a few end of summer resolutions, one of them is to post more on my blog! Oh and to just have fun doing it. In my line of work I have to be up on items that are trending as well as know what trends are waning. Here are some of my favorite trends in pattern right now.

* Doily – these are super huge right now and I think the trend is just starting, keep your eye out for a lot more doily prints, doily dresses, doily cakes, it goes on and on. I just need to have a daughter stat and paint a giant doily on her wall!

* Chevron/zigzag – chevrons have been trending for awhile now, and right now they are EVERYWHERE. I still see a lot of life in this trend though because they are so classic and clean. However I am trying to refrain from buying anything too expensive with chevrons because I’m sure in a year or two I’ll be sick of them.  But if I could find a giant chevron fabric to reupholster my victorian sofa, I totally would, I’m sure it would be in style forever!

Bold Stripe – Cabana stripe, awning stripe whatever you want to call it, bold stripes are IN. Its like a chevron without the kitch. Loving it painted on furniture, floors, walls etc.

Hexagon – I have been obsessed with hexagons for quite some time now. When I attended Quilt Market a few months ago I saw lots of hexagon quilts and other hexagon inspired fabric projects. I especially love this appliqued pillow (shown below) This is fabulous and I’m going to have to make my own for the family room. It’s totally on my list.

Geometrics – Geometrics in general are trending. I love so many fabrics that are geometric, but it seams like they are all “designer” fabrics that cost $150/yard. Boo. But if you’re savvy you can find some affordable geometric fabrics from Dwell Studios and a few others. Just make sure they don’t look 70’s and you’re good to go.

Fois Bois / Wood Grain – It seems like wood grain is super popular but not in the same volume as chevrons. Probably because it’s harder to re-create. I still adore everything I see that has the wood grain pattern, and I hope it stays on trend for quite awhile longer.

Diamonds – I have seen a lot of diamond tile backsplashes latey, I think this is an upcoming trend, so keep your eye out for a lot of diamonds, and diamonds that kind of look like chevrons but aren’t chevrons.

Cane/Rattan/Weave/Bamboo – Although these types of patterns have always been big in professional interior design, they are now just starting to trend among normal folk (those of us who don’t pay $150/yard for fabric). I have seen ceilings and walls painted with the rattan pattern as well as lots of curtains. I think we will see a lot of pattern off-shoots inspired by this style

As far as trends that are waning, I’m sad to say that after a very long run, Paisley is declining in popularity. I have been a huge fan of paisley for the last 10 years and It just doesn’t interest me anymore. With the onset of a lot of these more clean, modern, and traditional prints, paisley will soon be retired until we decide we like it again.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Sounds like it’s time to get my crochet on! 😀 I have a ton of thread and a bunch of doily patterns. Might help pass the time when the kids all go back to school in a couple of weeks!

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