Ollie is 5 months old!!

August 10th, 2011

Well since I’ve been slacking on my weekly wrap-up, I had to at least get a post in about our little guy. Ollie turned 5 months yesterday. He is SO MUCH FUN right now. He likes to wiggle and bounce and grin a lot. Sometimes we even get a giggle or two out of him, but usually that requires a lot of “eating” his feet, neck, hands or sides. He likes to squeel, but not too loud, and I swear he has a fake cough.

Apparently I am already a terrible mom because I did not get a photo of him on his 5 month birthday. I swear its hard to keep up on photos while on vacation. Its hard to keep up with everything while on vacation… my blog for instance! But back to the cutie… He sat up all by himself for a whole minute yesterday. His balance is getting really good and he should be proficient at sitting very very soon. Rolling over is easy now, but he is still figureing out rolling on his tummy, though I swear he can do it, he just doesn’t want to. His uncle Craig was helping him learn the other night.

He is a very happy and good baby. People regularly comment on how calm he is. They also comment that although they have met many good babies in their time, he happens to be the best baby they can remember. He is indeed a very good baby and we are so lucky to have him. He will play by himself for long stretches and doesnt mind be put down if he has a full tummy. The only thing throwing the wrench in his otherwise perfect track record is the beginnings of teething. His mouth is starting to hurt and it makes him so sad 🙁 He likes to chew on my fingers and a few seconds of that usually returns him to his happy self. I do think he is waking up at night because of it, but it could be because of all the traveling.

In the past few weeks, he has become Grabby McGrabberson. As I type, he is trying to grab the post-its off my laptop. I need those! He will grab everything in site but wont cry if I take it away… yet.  He loves all his toys, but Gigi is still his favorite. And of course he likes to shove EVERYTHING in his mouth including his toes and anyone’s fingers that he can get a hold of.

He has gained some weight since he started drinking formula, but he is still pretty small. He is wearing some of his 0-3 month clothes still, and others he could wear but they are harder to get around his noggin. His 3-6 month clothes are still a little too big for him, so it makes him look bigger than he is. boo. He has the best chubby cheeks and round face, but they make him look bigger than he is in photos and when he’s in his car seat. So I get A LOT Of comments about how big he is for his age?? But he is strictly 50th percentile height & weight, and quite a skinny guy in general. My favorite thing right now is him in a muscle shirt. I love his little arms!!!

So that is Ollie at 5 months! He is such a joy and we love every second of being his parents. (I’ll add a photo later)

2 responses to “Ollie is 5 months old!!”

  1. Katherine says:

    Well, I can definitely vouch for the fact that Ollie just HAS to be the most mellow baby I’ve met in a long time … we were beginning to wonder if he cried … at all! LOL Love those big eyes of his 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    I just found your site… can’t quite remember how i came to it. But, LOVE, love it. Your organization is so inspiring – I’m a complete disorganized lack-of-planning mess, and your ideas are motivating me.

    Your son is adorable!

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