Weekly Wrap-up

July 24th, 2011

Well life is way less exciting now that we are all moved in. The boxes are slowly but surely being unpacked, and we feel as though we’re starting to settle in. The 5 biggest “glaring” items that need to be done around the house are:

  1. The kitchen (have I mentioned we don’t have one??)
  2. Staining of the stairs/railing.
  3. Master bathroom vanity.
  4. Old Outlets/switches need to be replaced.
  5. No closet organizer.

In general though, the house is looking fantastic. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe how fabulous it is. Right now the top 5 things I love about the house:

  1. Space! Its so nice just to have rooms and rooms and rooms.
  2. Studio. We absolutely love our studio. It is a BIG room with 3 big desks, a sofa and a giant TV.  What’s not to love?
  3. Wood Floors. I love the look and feel of the wood floors. I also love that I’m not the one who cleans them! I  don’t even mind that we can’t afford rugs right now, thats how much I love them.
  4. Guest Bathroom. Seriously love this room. The board and batten makes me want to have board an batten everywhere. But not really.
  5. Washer & Dryer.

Enough about the house… now to the baby!

I swear Ollie must be an old soul. Sometimes he just doesn’t seem like a baby to me. He just has these “wise eyes’ I call them, and loves to just hold my gaze. I just love everything about this little boy. He definitely has my heart.

He is now 4.5 months old and his dexterity has increased significantly these last two weeks. He now LOVES books and wants to grab and touch everything he sees in them. He especially loves the books with the items he can feel. He can easily grab or touch items you show him and does so with complete accuracy. He also loves “The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and “This little Piggy” and any sort of singing or anticipation games. His thighs,back, and tummy are ticklish and he is starting to try and giggle when you nibble on him. This week we bought him a “jumperoo” he absolutely loves it. I’ve never seen the boy so happy. He just jump, jump, jumps and grins and tries to explore every inch of it. He especially loves the items that spins. And when you talk to him while he is in it, he just grins at you like its Christmas morning… if he knew what that was.

He desperately needs a haircut. His “old” hair is straight, and his “new” hair is super curly. The new and the old hair fight and he just ends up with a giant frizzy mess. I put styling cream on it this morning and it helped immensely, and he didn’t look like such a little Pigpen either. He is still wearing his 0-3 month clothes, though July will be the last month that most of them fit. He is still swimming in most of his 3-6 month clothes, but he is ready for 6-9 months in Jammies… funny how that works.

We have found with his sleeping that if we can keep him up till around 10PM he will sleep from 10 until 6AM. But if we put him down at 7PM he will wake up at 2 and I can feed & change him really quick and then he’ll sleep until 7. So the question is, would I rather have uninterrupted sleep and put him down at 10pm, or have to get up for 20 minutes, and have him sleep for a solid 12 hours? I am still torn and am leaning towards the 7pm bedtime. I love having several uninterrupted hours of work/time before I need to sleep. He is great about going to sleep though and we’ve fallen into a good routine since moving into the house. I am nervous about our trip next week though since it will throw everything off. Oh well we are all flexible and we’ll just make it work.

Church: We have gone to our new ward (church) twice now. The people are not nearly as friendly and enveloping as our old ward (the first week we went, we had a handful of dinner invitations), but it does seem like a great ward. There are lots of young families and a good mix of people in general. To me it feels socioeconomically similar to wards that I’ve grown up in. I think because of that there are a lot more “big” families, people with 4,5,6 kids instead of 2/3. I think we will end up really liking it though and hopefully making some good friends. There are also LOTS of babies which will be fun for Ollie!

Family: My parents have come home from Peru for a few weeks, so we are traveling to Utah to see them. My two other sisters are doing the same. We don’t get together too often, so I am SO excited to see them and their families, and of course have them meet Ollie!

Work: CHA was this weekend… that means that my new paper lines were released. Lost & Found 2 and Lost & Found Christmas. I am dying to see these in person and I hear that they are selling well (yay! Maybe we can get rugs after all!). When we go to Utah I’m going to pick up several copies of everything and I’ll post my new haul. I also have Lost and Found fabric that was just released and am excited to get my bolts of that and also my Christmas fabric. I need to get started on my next paper line and have been feeling lots of little pricks of inspiration.

That’s about it for the past two weeks! I need to post more photos of the house, but am not completely happy with my photos. Maybe I’ll take more tomorrow and feel inspired to do a few before/after shots!

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  2. mimi says:

    Happy to hear you had lot’s of dinner invites, We’d love to have you over! It’s a great ward and everyone will warm up to you and your adorable family. See you Sunday.

  3. Kelli says:

    OMG – Your Babe is simply adorable. Most infants look like little prunes to me (lol) but I am totally in love with your guy. And Ollie seems perfect. Seriously, I just want to snatch him up and kiss him!! He does not look 4 months, he is much too expressive for that, I think you are right about him being an old soul!

    Looked you up when I saw your name designing Lost&Found2 which is beyond awesome!!

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