Weekly Wrap-up

July 3rd, 2011

Move: We moved on Wednesday. It was a hectic and stressful day and not helped at all by me waking up in the morning sick to my stomach. Luckily I started feeling a bit better by mid-morning, but I missed out on all those early morning super productive hours that I was counting on. A huge thank you to all of those who were able to help. We had tons of moving help and I know we could not have pulled it off without our packing help from Kim, Alys, and Stephanie. Thanks ladies!!

Home ownership: Its been in the 100’s… we are so dreading our electric bill for this month, and we haven’t even been keeping it super cold. Thank heavens for ceiling fans and the whole-house fan which is making life bareable. Hopefully we’ll take some time out to go swimming tomorrow and escape the heat a little bit.

Organization: the house is a huge and aweful mess! Nearly everything is still in boxes, and not having a real kitchen is a pain! We’re going to set up a rack and a folding table to manage most of the stuff that exists in a kitchen. Half of the problem right now is that we can’t use the garage for storage because Spencer is using it all to build the cabinetry. But we don’t have furniture to store stuff either, so the result is just a lot of boxes with no place to be unpacked!

Bathrooms: We officially have 2 complete bathrooms – the powder room got a mirror yesterday which was the last piece needed, and the guest bath got a sink and mirror. The master bath shower got it’s glass and is now working, and the toilet was installed. So all that is left bathroom-wise is the double vanity in the master. This wont happen until after the kitchen is done, but we can use the guest bath sink until them, no biggie as it’s right next to the master bedroom.

Baby: He is growing up so much! Strength and dexterity are on the rise, and his little personality is starting to really shine. He loves to grab his feet, but can’t get them all the way to his mouth, so when he’s wearing socks, he just pulls the socks to his mouth and sucks on those. This results in wet droopy socks, but it’s oh so cute, and leads me to put socks on him more often than not just to see him pull them up to his mouth. The move went well with the baby, we had his crib set up right away, so he didn’t have any unusual sleeping situations to throw him off schedule. He is also more hungry than before, and I’m having to supplement nursing a little bit with formula. He’s almost 4 months old, so introducing solids isn’t too far off.

That’s basically it for the week, we are so focused on getting finishing touches on the house, so its taking up most of our time and energy right now. I am grateful for the long weekend, because its been so nice to have a few days without work interruptions. It’s back to work on Tuesday though, so tomorrow is a very important day!

Word of the week: Details. So many little things that have been happening, and still need to happen. but thanks to a lot of hard work from Spencer, it’s coming along really nicely, and soon all that will need to be done is the kitchen!

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  1. Alys says:

    I was thinking how good it is that Ollie is so little. Could you imagine if you were trying to do this and he was Harrison’s age? You would get nothing done! Hopefully the kitchen will be done by the time he is really mobile. Can’t wait to see more pics! And, I think you should use your pool in this weather. It is SO hot! Happy 4th!

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