Bathroom Vanity – Furniture remix **UPDATED**

July 3rd, 2011

We needed a quick and easy vanity for our upstairs bathroom. I had been checking out craigslist listings for awhile hoping to “upcycle” a dresser or some such into a vanity. I came across a few things that I liked. Some were antique dressers, they were a little heavy, some were tables that needed to be cut in half, but that was too much work. I wanted something with open shelving, and little or no ornamentation – just simple and cottage-esc. Oh and it had to be 48″ wide, 36″ tall and no more than 24″ deep. I came across a shabby chic open cabinet that was nearly perfect dimensions and snatched it up quickly, here it is in the truck:

It did come with some awesome blue kitty knobs (on the drawers), but those were promptly removed.

We already had this sink from We had planned on using it in the powder room, but ended up buying a pre-made vanity for that room.

We bought some planks of Alder from our local hardwood shop, and Mr. Project assembled a vanity top with all his fancy wood-working equipment. He made it with a hole already in it to save on wood costs. After tearing the top off the old cabinet, he braced the structure with some wood planks horizontally and vertically.

Based on his measurements,  he cut the cabinet to fit the sink:

The sink fit perfectly!

Once everything was all cut to fit, he stained the top:

And varnished it:

This is the spot in the bathroom just waiting for a vanity:

Mr Project cut out a hole in the vanity for the plumbing, and slid it into place:

all that was left was to screw in place (from the bottom) the top and add the sink and faucet (and new awesome glass knobs):He still needs to cut into the shelf to fit the plumbing, and then install it, but for now the sink works great and looks adorable in the guest bathroom!

From start to finish this project took Mr. Project less than a day. He’s pretty awesome.

*** UPDATED*** The vanity is finally done being decorated yay! Here is what it looks like now, and hopefully forever unless the baby decides that he really loves towels:

I LOVE it even more!

4 responses to “Bathroom Vanity – Furniture remix **UPDATED**”

  1. Brittany says:

    Wow! Your hubby is SO handy…he could teach mine a thing or two! 🙂 Everything looks so great; I love the bathroom!

  2. Marie says:


    Just joined your site tonight. Wow, you and your husband certainly make a great team!! The children are absolutely beautiful.
    I could not find your name otherwise I would be addressing you with it, my apologies.

    Love your site.

  3. OMG I have just spent an hour at your blog. I can’t believe the renovations you have done, and the potential you saw in your home. Amazing. Every detail is perfect. I want to live there!

  4. becca says:

    wow!! just stumbled across your blog from Pinterest and LOVE everything about it! the vanity turned out amazing and what a perfect color of stain! may i ask what color you used?

    thanks xoxo

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