Weekly Wrap-up – Tuesday Edition

June 28th, 2011

RENOVATIONS: So the past week has been a whirlwind, we’ve been working on the house until nearly 2 AM every day. I don’t know how Mr. Project does it… he gets up at 6 every morning and is gone until 2AM – thats 20 hours of back-breaking labor every single day, day after day after day since last Thursday. He is amazing and the hardest working guy I know. I have been trying to get there as much as possible with a 3 month old. So between finding someone to watch “the babe” for a few hours, and just keeping him at the house and taking time out to feed him, play with him, change him, and put him down for naps, I’ve been able to help out as much as I could on the floor. But the greatest news… the hardwood floor is FINISHED!! 1500+ square feet all laid and gorgeous! I need to take some more pictures and process the ones that I have already taken, I just have had NO time to do any of that. The carpet also was installed this week, which makes every speck of flooring in the house done! I didn’t know if we’d get to this point before move-in, but here we are and it is glorious! The house really did come together once the floors started taking shape. The painting got done, the doors were all hung, I personally installed all the door knobs (thanks you tube). As we speak the stairs and stair railings are being installed by Grant our aussie stair carpenter. The electrician is coming this afternoon to finish all the switches and hang the more complicated lighting. I found a suitable piece of furniture to turn into a bathroom vanity, and Mr. Project will be making a top and modifying it today. And I need to finish packing and organizing for the move tomorrow. On Thursday the baseboards will be installed and painted and Friday we have a cleaning crew coming in to get everything fresh and clean for our official new house! I will update more with photos and details on everything, but for now wanted to give an update of what has been keeping us too busy to update. In the fantasy world, one more week would be ideal to get everything cleaned up and touched up before move-in… but I think that would be the case no matter what date we set… we just would have spent more time sleeping this week (and by we, I mostly mean Spencer).

Money: Or should I say lack thereof! Renovations are so stinking expensive. If you are thinking of renovating, estimate your budget, times by two and then tack on an additional 25%… that is the official formula, and it is only capped at that because once you get to that point you have NO MORE MONEY LEFT! One of the last things we had to buy was carpet, and we were hemming and hawing (carpet is so stinking expensive) and so I told Mr. Project, “This is why you don’t buy carpet at the END of the renovation” And it’s true, here’s some sage advice… make all the big purchases first because by the end you will start doing anything to save a buck (we ALMOST bought white carpet. Seriously.) and then you’ll probably regret it in the end, and then spending more money to make it right down the road. Of course spending all your money has it’s downsides, the first one being that this HUGE* house will have hardly any furniture. This is exactly why I purchased the new couches for the Family room before the reno started. I knew by the end we wouldn’t want to spend the money on nice sofas. Those are being delivered today! Yay!

Fat: If you are thinking of renovating, estimate your weight, take 10% and add that number onto it. The “renovation” diet is not a kind one to your system. We’re probably running the gamut of nutritional deficiencies too. In case you were wondering… you really can miss veggies.  I am so starting a major diet the day after we move in. Of course we won’t have a kitchen for 3 months… so that doesn’t help, but at least it will at least keep me from baking… that’s a good thing.

Nicknames: I have settled on referring to the baby as “The babe” most of the time. Which nearly always results in us doing a David Bowie impression… we even alternate the parts/lines, it’s scary. Scary awesome. Labyrinth fans will know what I’m talking about.

Milestones: Sometimes I think this boy is 3 years old. He just has such an expressive interaction with us and pretty much everyone he spends time with. Of course we can’t understand anything he says, but it’s adorable. He has officially become obsessed with his toes (yay!) and grabs them all the time. He also has this cute little habit, when he gets stressed out, he clicks his tongue. So for example, when I give him a bath, and he gets water on his face, he’ll start clicking. click. click. click. till I’m done. This is much preferred over the crying-when-stressed response, and oh so adorable. He’s growing so fast that all of his pajamas have become high-waters, but he’s a pretty skinny guy so everything fits him around just not up and down. This makes clothing him difficult as he looks like he’s swimming in clothes that fit his height. And I hate it when his clothes are too big because it makes him look older and I love him looking like a super squishable baby. It’s been hot here, so we’ve been trashin’ it up by just wearing onesies… nothing says tiny baby like naked legs! For the official record, he is almost 4 months and he is still easily fitting into his 0-3 month size clothes except for Gymboree stuff which shrinks by HALF — he wears 6-9 months in that stuff. (Gymboree and Janie & Jack ship their clothing from dixon, which basically means free 1-day shipping for me. This is NOT good news). This does remind me though that I need to book his 4-month appointment. I’m excited to see where he sits on the height/weight percentile (he’s been a perfect 50% up to this point), but not so excited for more shots. boo.

Word of the week: Excited!! We are so stinking excited to move in. The house looks amazing and actually like a house – for the first time in a good 15 years ;). There is a palpable buzz in the air, and every night we leave the house, we just want to stay. Only one more night in the apartment!

*The house is not actually huge, it’s around 2400 sq feet. But for us it is huge, we have been in 1000 sq ft apartments for the past 2+ years.  We have very little furniture and even less stuff to decorate with.

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  1. Miriam says:

    Holy moly, you’ve been busy! Thanks for the “update of what has been keeping us too busy to update”. Congrats on moving in and I’m looking forward to more updates!

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