Weekly Wrap-up

June 19th, 2011

Renovations: Normally I do a post on Sunday showing that week’s renovations, but I don’t have any new photos. The trim and paint prep is still being finished, but they should be done by Wednesday with everything. Mr. Project got a wild hair on Saturday and decided to go put the board an batten on the walls in the bathroom. I do not have any photos (sorry) but it looks great and just needs to be prepped, primed, and painted with the rest of the house. Because of the delay in painting, he is starting on the floors tomorrow and will be working concurrently with the painters… not the ideal situation, but it will have to do if we want to make our deadline by the 25th. Luckily the hardwood planks are really large, so hopefully it wont require as much time to get them laid as smaller ones. We are thinking positive thoughts this week!!

Moving Prep: I packed up what was left of the craft room this week and Mr Project got lots of boxes packed today. I need to get the rest packed this week by Friday night since our friends are helping us move on Saturday morning. Hopefully the baby is super good this week.

Church: Today was our last day in our current ward. We will miss seeing all of our friends on Sundays, but hope to see them at other social events etc. We are also excited to meet our future friends and ward members.

Home Ownership: The pool was clean and sparkly and then all of a sudden we started getting these weird spotty stains on the bottom. We don’t know exactly what it is, but it has to be some sort of seed pod or leaf or something that stains it. Hopefully these spots will come off with a little bit of scrubbing and time. Right now it looks pretty bad. I was just getting used to the idea of swimming in our pool and now it looks diseased. Boo! It’s starting to get hot and so is the house. Mr. project isĀ  threatening to sleep on the main level and not in the bedroom. Here’s to hoping the AC works when we move in!

Milestones: Nothing super new this week. Baby got his shots and was feeling under the weather for a few days which really did a number on my sleep. I am hoping that he is feeling a lot better this week so that I am not a zombie during moving week! I am mad at myself for not taking a photo of him today though. He had the cutest red and white polka-dot tie on today and looked as cute as a button. We were late for church though so the photo was not a priority. Maybe I’ll have him wear the same outfit next week since we will be showing him off to new people! Here is a photo I did get of him this week… I love his little baby toes!

Father’s Day: Today was super low key after our keyed up faux father’s day last week. Baby got his daddy a nice tie though, and we had dinner with some friends.

Decorating: I have decided that I am going to SEW the drapes for the house… shocking I know, but nice drapes are way too expensive for windows this size like more than the cost of the fridge, so sewing is the only way to have drapes within the next decade. Good thing I’ll have a craft room! Until then, the windows will be sporting sheets.

Word of the Week: Mess! We can barely walk around our apartment because it is so full of half-filled boxes.

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