Weekly Wrap-up

June 13th, 2011

Renovations: So much work! Mr. Project is seriously amazing. I don’t know how he does it day in and day out. And the house slowly but surely comes together under his direction. I went over on Tuesday and sealed tile and I was exhausted after just one part day of working on the house. He is my hero. The house is being PAINTED on Tuesday. That is one huge step. It will finally look like a house again, a super cool house. After that it’s lighting, flooring and trim and then we can move in… as long as there is one working bathroom (or several partial working bathrooms!). I also need to arrange some sort of window coverings between now and then, and we’ll have to arrange an impromptu kitchen for the next 3 months. It will be fun though, just having this place that is so wholly our own creation.

Moving Preparations: The kitchen is nearly all packed up. the rest of the house needs to be packed as well, but I’m optimistic about it because I’m pretty good at moving. We are hoping to move all the boxes on the 25th and then move the big furniture later that week. We have to be out of our place on the 30th, but I found out this week that I don’t need to clean it. Apparently the place needs to be completely spotless including windows on both sides… or else you pay $130 for a cleaning crew. Yeah… I’m not even going to attempt it, I’ll just pay $130 for the crew. We will need to do a little touch-up painting though.

Milestones: Ollie is growing like a weed. He is so smart and interactive. He loves cooing and trying to talk, and he really loves playing with daddy’s beard. He’s a snuggly baby, and such a good sleeper and eater. He has really taken to the sleeping through the night thing. He’ll do a solid 7 hours, so usually I put him to bed at 9 and then feed him again at midnight and then he’ll sleep until 7 am. And since I of course have stayed up way too late (like 2 am) I will have him take a nap with me in the morning from 7 until 10.  He’s also starting to be super awake in the day and just kind of take cat naps except for one long nap in the afternoon. He has a stuffed giraffe and he loves to snuggle with it when he falls asleep. He also loves to look at the TV so I’m trying to keep it off as much as possible. My favorite thing right now is him holding his feet. I’ve always loved when babies are obsessed with their feet.

Home ownership: The house has a nice tilt to it, about a half inch or so from one side to the other. This makes finish work really really fun!

Fathers Day: We both totally thought that this weekend was fathers day… we did not realize this until about half-way through church. Of course I already spent a good 3 hours preping dinner & dessert before church (we get out at 5 so usually Sunday dinner consists of leftovers). I took father’s day photos even:

HELP! This week I had a sweet girl from the ward come and help me with packing and with the baby. She’s been a life saver. I’ve been able to get more work done and help more on the house. I’ve also managed to take a nap with the baby every afternoon after I take her home. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I sure do love snuggling with the baby.

Week of the word: BUSY we are busy busy bees right now. So many little details to take care of equals a lot of running around.

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  1. Lisa Webb says:

    what a beautiful pciture of bubby and Daddy xx

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