Pre-paint preparations

June 13th, 2011

This last week has been like a whirlwind at the house – all in preparation for PAINTING! Once the painting is done, this place is going to look like a completely different house. Case and point… here is the kitchen before:

And the kitchen currently :

And once the paint gets on there, it’s going to be glorious! Isn’t the trim so pretty? I love how now the windows become such a singular focal point. Fabulous! On the far left-side of this photo you’ll also notice the sliding glass door has been replaced by a sparkly new one – super yay! (to see more kitchen photos see Kitchen Plans)

Okay in other updates, the master suite is 95% ready for paint. Here is the before (and me 9 months preggo):

And the current:

Ahhh much better! and not 70’s looking at all. The master is not huge, but it is a good 50% or so larger than our current master, it’s going to feel so luxurious.

And inside those doors:

The bathroom – a 66″ vanity fits into this space with recessed medicine cabinets and wall-mounted faucets

The subway tile shower, just needs grout and glass

The walk-in closet:

(more before photos)

The closet will eventually have shelves and bars – the usual. Eventually.

The half-bath finally has a working sink. Once its painted, the light fixture will be installed and this room will be FINISHED! Oh and I have to find a mirror too, minor detail. Anyone have any mirror suggestions?

The other fun thing that got done this week was the front door.

Isn’t she lovely?? Well once the trim goes back up she’ll be even more lovely. Also we are going to stain her a dark walnut.

It’s amazing how far everything has come, especially in such a short time. I’m so so so excited for paint, the house is really going to feel done once the paint goes on. After that its really just a matter of Mr Project installing the floors before we can move in 2 weeks. Everything else will have to get finished after we move in. And of course that list will be never-ending.

Here is our updated move-in list:

  • scrape ceilings
  • tear down some unnecessary walls
  • remove ALL trim/casings
  • add necessary walls (frame, drywall)
  • put in recessed lighting, move outlets, fix non-working outlets
  • re-texture ceilings and smooth drywall
  • Install new windows in Kitchen
  • Completely re-do half bath
  • Completely re-do master bathroom!
  • Completely re-do guest bath
  • install all new underlayment
  • replace ALL doors
  • replace ALL trim/casings (this week!)
  • Prime + PAINT! (this week!)
  • put up new railing on stairs/overlook (next week!)
  • install carpet (next week!)
  • install all new hardwood flooring (next week!)

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2 responses to “Pre-paint preparations”

  1. Wendy C. says:

    Wow!! Amazing, I love love love your front door, the work you guys are doing is amazing, it is going to be such a beautiful home when you are finished!

  2. Mindy Hanson says:

    I’m so enjoying watching this reno! It looks fantastic and it isn’t even done!!

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