Weekly Wrap-up

June 5th, 2011

Renovations: Mr. Project is beginning to panic. Which is par for the course with a MAJOR house renovation squeezed into 2 months. We have less than 3 weeks left, and SO MUCH to do… it could be interesting. All that needs to be finished for us to move in is the painting, the flooring upstairs and in one room downstairs, one working bathroom, and the stairs/railings. Everything else we can finish after we’ve moved in. Needless to say we want to get as much done on our list as possible… so these next 3 weeks are going to be NUTTY! One of the girls from our church is going to help me with the baby while I pitch in a little bit more with the house – mostly all those little things that end up taking way more time then they should. This way Mr. Project can focus on the big things – like dry-walling the kitchen and master bath/closet.

Current Arrangements: We put in our 30 days notice with our apartment office. They love us and are sad to see us go. This really has been such a great place to live. I’m sure we will miss all of the Pros that come along with living in an apartment, but we will not miss the cons (like the upstairs neighbors being SO LOUD). Our apartment right now is about the hugest mess ever. I have been extra tired lately due to sleep training. I’m actually getting more sleep, but now that my body knows it’s allowed to sleep it has called in all its debts and is begging for more and more sleep. So basically now I feel like I’m recovering from having a newborn, and it’s exhausting. So the apartment has fallen into a state of messiness not previously imagined.¬† And Mr. Project who used to make cleaning ends meet, is now working on the house about 18 hours a day and doesn’t have time to help me as much as he was. So between those two things it’s gotten pretty bad. I vow this week that I’ll get it under control and start packing. I can sleep in 3 weeks when we are in our new house.

Decorating: We all know this takes $$$ but we’ve spent all our $$$ on the renovation and now we just have $ so we will be living in an empty house for awhile until our savings bounces back. Which is fine, I actually like to take time to do things because it helps me visualize better and not make huge purchasing mistakes. However I’m mostly concerned about the things that we do need sooner rather than later like window coverings and desks. I’m excited for the house to be mostly finished so that I can drag Mr. Project to garage sales on Saturdays. I love up-cycing, it just takes so much time and dedication.

Home Ownership: The pool is now a sparkly blue! We are good to swim in it… but it’s been really cold here, so we need it to get hot and possibly get some solar rings to put in it. The pool vacuum pump has decided to leak, and the vacuum itself has been having difficulty. We will need to get both of these repaired but are hoping to wait a few more months if possible. The yard in the mean time is becoming horridly over-grown. We just don’t have the mental energy to deal with both the inside and outside of the house. So the yard will have to be dealt with after we move in. We’d love to plant a garden, but it’s going to have to be a late-summer garden. We do however, have a lifetime supply of rosemary.

Pink Berry: I went for the first time and it was great! I have such a hard time making a decision though, so I’d love to hear what is your favorite so I can try something new and fun there.

Milestones: Oliver is such a joyful happy baby. We absolutely love to see him grow. He seems to be making huge jumps every week. He wants to just look around and take everything in. He rolled over this week for the first time. And he also can grab things that you put in front of him. He gets SOOOO excited¬† and practically jumps outside of his body every time I show him a toy. He’s pretty much all smiles except when he’s hungry, then he’s all business. He is starting to actually look at books when I read them to him. My favorite is a book called “Thats Not My Pirate” which I read to him almost everyday. He has also really started to discover his feet and he loves to hold and eat his toys.
Emergency Prepardness: There was an emergency fair this weekend… add another thing to the huge list of things to do! I hate putting stuff like this off, but right now we just can’t have one more big thing on our plate. As soon as we get settled in the house we will revisit our 72 hour kits (which right now is a fairly pathetic attempt stuffed in 2 plastic grocery bags and one beach bag). Also we need to work on food storage. We had a lot in SF, but then when we moved into our small apartment here, we decided to eat through most of it to gain the extra storage space. We need to make a dedicated space and re-group. Also in August, we’ll pick up a truck-load of food storage that has been waiting to be trekked over to California once we had a spot for it. So it’s coming along slowly.

Word of the Week: TIRED! We are both seriously tuckered out. I’m lucky that Oliver still sleeps a lot. It he were running around, I might really go crazy. Lately, I truly have been napping when the baby naps.

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