Bathrooms, Bathrooms, Bathrooms!

May 29th, 2011

We had an interesting development on Thursday of this week… we decided that since every other room in the house was being re-done, there was no point in waiting to re-do the guest bath. I’d been wanting to do it, but since Mr. Project has to actually be the one to do the work, I didn’t want to push it. But he was the one who brought it up and decided that he wanted to take it on. So that was Thursday and on Thursday night he ripped out the whole thing. Luckily this bathroom has a nice shower with white tile surround, so we didn’t need to do anything with that.  So the toilet, vanity, mirror and light were removed, as well as all the underlayment with the 30 year old vinyl floor.  We had to find tile fast – no special orders – so we trekked to HD and Lowes. At Lowes we happened upon a fabulous spa-colored glass tile mosaic. We instantly fell in love and the best part was that it was on sale for $3.98/foot which was doubly awesome, so we couldn’t say no.

On Friday new underlayment was put on, and on Saturday our tile guy came and put hardy backer board down and leveled the floor as well. He was also able to lay all the tile pretty quickly-no cutting necessary. On Monday he will put the light grout in and that will be that! Here is how it looks now…

So pretty! It’s going to look even better once all the grout is in. So this room is going to have kind of a beachy cottage vibe (how could it not with this tile) so we decided to have some fun with it and put in some board & batten wainscotting. Here is my artistic rendering of how it will look:

That is what our custom ordered doors look like ( I love them!) Here is a photo where you can kind of see the doors.

Mr Project learned how to hang the doors yesterday, so that is on his list right after this board and batten gets put up.

Here is a good before photo of this same hallway. It feels so different with that mangy carpet and old paint.

And speaking of before photos, here is one of the guest bath, and imagine how great it’s going to look with the wainscotting and the gorgeous new tile. The wall color above the wainscotting will be Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. Its very similar to the tile color, and just de-saturated enough for me to like it.

We will also put a new toilet in the guest bath. I believe we are going to do the Kohler Devonshire because it’s 50 bucks less than the Memoirs and it’s just a little bit different — at little more beach-cottage-esc:

And speaking of toilets… the toilet in the powder room has been installed! It’s so awesome to see progress being made:

We also made a change to the vanity in the powder room. Because of the demo in the guest bath, we needed a usable sink sooner rather than later. So having Mr. Project build the vanity for this room would just take too long. So we actually found a pre-built one at Lowes for $342 (!) and bought it on the spot. It’s still all wrapped up – so this is the best photo I have:

And here is the faucet I ordered:

And the new light fixture:

So now with the vanity purchased, the bathroom will be pretty much done – just painting left!

The master bathroom is also seeing some progress. Since the last time I updated it has gone from this:

To this:

To now this:

Here is a great shot of the floor a few days ago when all the plumbing was being done.

Its all roughed in now though (yay!) and we just have to finish framing and then our tile guy will put up WEDI board on the shower walls and start tiling the shower. That will give Mr Project time to get drywall up and prepare the floor for floor tile.  I am also trying to get a laundry shoot installed.

So you can see how quickly things are moving. It’s so fun to see the progress, we just need to keep on schedule so that everything is livable in 4 weeks.

Here is our updated move-in list:

  • scrape ceilings
  • tear down some unnecessary walls
  • remove ALL trim/casings
  • add necessary walls (frame, drywall)
  • put in recessed lighting, move outlets, fix non-working outlets
  • re-texture ceilings and smooth drywall (almost done)
  • Completely re-do half bath
  • Completely re-do master bathroom! (in progress)
  • Completely re-do guest bath (in progress)
  • put up new railing on stairs/overlook (parts ordered)
  • replace ALL doors (in progress)
  • Board & Batten in guest bath
  • replace ALL trim/casings + install crown moldings (order will be placed on Tuesday)
  • install all new underlayment
  • install all new hardwood flooring (ready to go)
  • Prime + PAINT!

2 responses to “Bathrooms, Bathrooms, Bathrooms!”

  1. Jan in Alberta says:

    What an ambitious undertaking! But take it from someone who knows, it’s so much better to get it all done BEFORE you move in. We did one major project a year for SEVEN years!! I was so relieved when the final job was done and there was no more anticipation of weeks of upheaval. Your bathrooms are going to be amazing.

  2. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Looking good! I can’t wait to see everything all finished! 🙂

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