Powder Room Progress!

May 19th, 2011

I love powder room renovations, it never fails that an old powder room has hideous wall paper and is magically transformed into a gorgeous new powder room sans wallpaper. This update will not disappoint! Check out the before picture with the nice wood toilet seat.  We pulled out some of the wall paper though in hind-sight we should have just torn out all the dry wall and started from scratch… would have been faster! Then we cut out the bottom drywall to make way for the subway tile wainscoting (I can’t wait to see that!)

So you can see a few of the steps to get this far… and the beauty of those tiny hex tiles! I am so in love with this floor, it looks amazing in person and will look even better with the grout and toilet in place. The Subway tile should be in place tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have time to update with new photos soon. Its so nice to see some sort of finish work going on.

Here is the room design sheet that I put together… the sink cabinet spencer is building, but it will be dark stained wood for some contrast… unless we decide to paint it a dark gray shiny enamel – only time will tell.

Right now we are freaking out a bit about the timeline (need to move in by the end of June) and about how much everything is costing. But both of those things are to be expected. Everything is mostly going smoothly and we currently have 5 people working on the house, so its going going going quickly! Tomorrow we meet with the stair people to get a bid on how much all the stair parts will cost.

More updates soon!

3 responses to “Powder Room Progress!”

  1. natalie m says:

    yay! can’t wait to see it all done!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Love it!

  3. Claire says:

    Hi! You have a great blog, and I love your designs. I’m sure your renovations will turn out fine. Remember to publish some photos so we all get to see -)

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