dud to stud(s) – master bath remodel

May 9th, 2011

Initially we were planning on just sprucing up the 70’s style bathroom with a new shower insert and cabinet, tile etc.  However, one night I came across a little remodel blog called 7th House on the Left. On this Blog, the homeowners had a bathroom similar to ours (see layout below), and they had combined the “hallway” sink into the bath area to create a more cohesive bathroom space. This got the wheels in my head turning, and I proposed to Spencer that we do something similar – take out the two closets and create a larger bathroom and 1 large walk-in closet. Here are the basic plans:

Here are the before and current pictures. Included is a lovely photo of me at 9 months pregnant yippee!

We have a big duct to contend with in the middle there, but our contractor assures us that we can make it much smaller and reclaim some bathroom space.

As far as the look and style goes, We want the space to be bright and airy. We are going to have a subway tile shower built-in with a 3-sided glass surround. Spencer is going to build a sink cabinet like the one pictured below from Pottery barn. You can also see some of our other surface choices etc on this master design sheet:

So that is our new Master Bath plan. Hopefully it goes pretty smoothly. We’re hiring out most of the work on this one, so that helps Spencer focus on other projects around the house… like getting the stairs and railings done!

3 responses to “dud to stud(s) – master bath remodel”

  1. Vieve says:

    What a huge project! So awesome though. I love your sample board. The sink and vanity are fabulous!

  2. Linda says:

    Love the remodel! You will love the end result!!! I need to remodel our bathrooms desperately and you’ve given me inspiration. Thanks!

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