Project House – Demo has started! (photo heavy)

May 6th, 2011

Mr Project has been working so incredibly hard on the house. With every spare moment that he can find, he has torn out all the carpet and padding, ripped out a few walls, pulled off ALL the trim casings and doors, scraped every inch of ceiling (the house is nearly 2400 sq ft!), removed wall paper, and cleaned it all up too! Everything has now been removed from the house, and it’s basically a blank canvas to work with. The ceilings are being retextured (we’ve hired out all the drywall and painting to save time), and now he’s on to fixing the stairs. We’ve decided to hold out on adding the windows to the kitchen until after we’ve moved in. And we won’t re-do the kitchen at all for a few months while Mr Project builds all the cabinets himself. So the kitchen will be weird/gross looking for awhile, but the house is going to go from shag-fab to amazing really quickly here.  Here are some before and progress photos to see what we started with, and how much work has already been done.

First is the Living Room…

I love this demo shot because it shows the enormity of the task. You think eh some carpet and trim, no big deal… but man alive, thats a lot of carpet and so much garbage!

The dining room and living room are connected. We are planning on having some built ins in the dining room to help separate it from the living room. We are also going to turn it into a casual eat-in part of the kitchen and not a formal dining room Here it is before, during, and current. *Notice the wall between the kitchen and dining room that is now no more:

Now the kitchen was super tiny and they used a lot of the space to have a little eating nook between the kitchen and the family room. I decided to stretch the kitchen out all the way to the end of the vinyl, and just have a peninsula and bar stools for the super casual dining, and then blur the lines between the kitchen and dining room to make it a cozy eat-in area. I love the current pictures of this room because you can see the LIGHT that comes in from the house once the walls and upper cabinets are re-built. We are not putting cabinets back up on this wall… instead we are going to put 3 large windows to open it to the gorgeous back-yard and bring some great light in.

Attached to the kitchen is the family room. I really like this space, its big enough for some great seating (I’ve already ordered the sofas), but small enough to feel really cozy. One one side is a wood-burning stove, annd on the other wall that you can’t see, we’ll have the TV. I also have great plans for some built-ins in this room, and am definitely going to have the brick painted. We’ll also have the door replaced in this room with a nicer and more efficient sliding glass door.

It’s amazing to me how nice the place looks without all that gross shag carpet.  Last but not least is the best room in the house… the STUDIO! This is a giant room that was made just for us. We are going to make it into an awesome workspace with desks, a sofa, some chairs, and a whole lot of storage for all our art supplies and resources.

The before photo was taken with a wide-angle, that is why it looks so large compared to the current photo, but the room is really large and looks so much bigger without all that plaid wallpaper! Mr Project want’s this room painted really dark, which will look nice with all the big windows. All the windows will need replacing, but we’ll do it gradually. We have found that the house actually stays really cool despite being older and having older windows. It was 90 yesterday and at 4 in the afternoon the house was only at 73 and thats with no AC running, just the whole-house fan and a few open windows. Once we get the windows replaced with more efficient ones, it will be really nice! and they’ll look great too.

So those are all the main parts of the house. I’ll show photos of the other smaller rooms as we complete projects on them, but for now this gives you a good idea what it looked like before, and how much work has already been done!

Here was my preliminary list:

  • scrape ceilings
  • tear down some unnecessary walls
  • remove ALL trim/casings
  • install new windows/extra windows (postponed)
  • add necessary walls (frame, drywall)
  • put in recessed lighting, move outlets, fix non-working outlets (in progress)
  • re-texture ceilings and drywall (in progress)
  • put up new railing on stairs/overlook (planning phase)
  • replace ALL trim/casings
  • PAINT!
  • install all new flooring

We’ve also decided to go ahead with the master bath renovation since there was quite a bit of demo/drywall with that one (good buy old walls, hello new ones) and we’d rather just get it out of the way before we live there. Hopefully it will be able to be done concurrently. We are hiring most of it out as well so we should have some good labor overlap. We also decided to replace all the doors, so the old ones have been pulled out and the new ones have been ordered… they said 3 weeks, but hopefully they will come in sooner as it pushes back our trim and flooring installation. Right now Mr. Project is doing the demo on the master bath, and is planning the stairs (we’re making them hardwood stairs instead of carpeted) and railings. We found a local supplier for the stair pieces and hope that we don’t need any lead time for the parts.

I’ll share lots of inspiration photos with you soon, its amazing to be able to work with such a blank canvas!

3 responses to “Project House – Demo has started! (photo heavy)”

  1. Julie says:

    This is so awesome to see! I can’t wait to see it in person someday. All of your hard work will pay off really soon and you can relax and enjoy a little country living. See you soon!

  2. jo says:

    A big job – gook luck with it all – look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. Lisa says:

    Wow! You guys didn’t waste any time:) Just curious… what was the situation with the subfloor outside the studio?

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