Designing Update – Sneak Peak

April 20th, 2011

I thought things might slow down a bit when I had baby… what really happened was that I got 2 days off, and then I had to hit some really tight deadlines! So its a really good thing Ollie is a great napper, because I basically worked every second he was sleeping except for a handful of hours at night (like 4 tops). Its been a few crazy weeks, but I finished the projects I was working on! After all that work, I wanted to share a little sneak peak…

Just a tiny little look at the goodies I’ve been designing for MME, they should be releasing at CHA summer in July and hitting stores soon after… I can’t wait to see them all printed and glittered (yes there is TONS of glitter, much to my husband’s dismay)

If you are a fan of MME you may have already seen the release of my new line Lime Twist:

My two favorite parts of this line are the 6×6 pads and the BAKERS TWINE! There are 12 different colors, all in 20 yard lengths, which is the perfect amount. I have not received any Lime Twist yet, but when I do, I’ll take a few photos and post. Here are the adorable 6×6 pads:

If you prefer scrapbooking digital style, I have a fun new release this week:

I had fun creating this very retro looking kit complete with adorable labels and cards, oh and TONS of papers! This will be available at Design House Digital starting Thursday, April 21st, and will be 30% off on release day only!

And just for your viewing pleasure, a few of my freelance projects:

So now, can you see just how busy I’ve been?? Luckily right now I have just a bit of a respite from it all so I can snuggle my cute cute cute little boy:

5 responses to “Designing Update – Sneak Peak”

  1. Jen says:

    You have been busy! Love everything but especially the Nostalgia kit…right up my alley.

    And that baby? C-U-T-E

  2. Alys says:

    Try to get some sleep. I can’t imagine getting only 4 hours. I am only surviving with an afternoon nap. Anyway, I really love the bright colors in Lime Twist. There are some fun designs!

  3. Jan in Alberta says:

    What’s Spencer’s issue with the glitter? Have you got him wrangling the vacuum cleaner?? Or doesn’t he like the taste with his corn flakes? As long as it doesn’t get into anybody’s eyes it’s all good!

  4. Shay says:

    All of your designs are so lovely–they are always some of my favorites whether physical or digital! Having said that, your son is even more lovely. I hope you have a chance to relax and get some rest soon.

  5. Amber Packer says:

    … to MY husband’s dismay too! LOVE it – I have been counting down the days until I get to play with your lovely designs!

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