Finally, More 365 Kits!! *Digiscrap*

August 25th, 2010

Thanks everyone for all the warm wishes. We are so so excited! On equally happy news, I think my 1st trimester symptoms are starting to ease. I no longer require a daily nap, my brain doesnt feel like a foggy lump, and I can keep food down finally! Here’s to hoping the trend holds. In the midst of enjoying my non-foggy brain, I thought I would do a design warm-up by working on my Design 365 series (it helped that Gennifer has been bugging me about it for a few weeks). So I’m happy to say that I am on the designing saddle again. I figured a give-away would be nice too! So here are my 3 new kits. I’m going to give one commenter one of these three kits (their choice of course). Just make sure to have your comments in by Friday. I’ll post a winner over the weekend!
These kits all go on sale Tomorrow (Thursday, August 26th), and are 30% off in my shop at Design House Digital!

We’re having a baby!

August 20th, 2010

We found out that I was pregnant during our vacation in Jamaica. A few weeks later we were lucky enough to hear the heartbeat. I’m now in my 12th week and we got to hear the heartbeat again today so I guess it’s official! We’re having a baby! If that isn’t a good reason to buy a giant teddy bear, than I don’t know what is!

Exciting and not-so-exciting things about the pregnancy so far:

* I’ve been completely exhausted

* I’ve been on 3 trips since I found out I was pregnant. I just want to be home in bed!!

* It’s so much fun to read baby books and look at baby names

* I’m convinced it’s going to be a girl

* I can’t wait to start making tons of baby projects. Just have to find out the gender for sure!

* For the first time in my life I have no desire to eat sweets!

* My Due Date is March 9th

* “Morning” sickness is kicking my butt. Is midnight considered morning?

* I’m starving pretty much all the time, but can barely eat anything. Most if not all food sounds terrible, and when something does sound good I can only eat a few bites before I feel completely full.

* My favorite things to eat are veggie soup, mac and cheese with tuna fish, frozen toaster waffles, orange juice, and baked potatoes with chili beans on top.

* I have no idea what I’m supposed to buy/register for! What do these little creatures need??

We are so excitedly anticipating our new arrival. I just hope I don’t go into labor on my birthday. I would like to not spend my special day going through massive amounts of pain!