CHA Summer 2010 – My Mind’s Eye

July 30th, 2010

I’m sorry ahead of time for how long this post may take to load. It’s VERY heavy on the photo side! But also very heavy on the fun side!

I just got back from CHA and I’m exhausted, but I had to share all these lovely photos of the My Mind’s Eye Booth. Particularly the line that I designed called Lost & Found. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have noticed that I took a bit of a break from blogging. The reason was because I was working my tail off getting this gorgeous line designed! I am so in love with it – but photos just don’t do it justice. It must be experienced in person! The glitter is amazing and the designs are timeless and beautiful.

Here is me standing in front of the display — I should have taken this photo on the first day of the show — at this point, I just wanted to go home and see my hubby.

Lost & Found has all sorts of goodies — including acrylic stamps, layered stickers, 3-d embellishments, trims, brads (epoxy, pearl, flower), chipboard album covers & rings, buttons, alpha stickers, and all sorts of glittery bits and pieces.

My most favorite project at the MME booth was a mini album that Amber Packer created using the “Union Square” papers and pieces. It’s all black, cream, and red — and 100% gorgeous. Don’t forget the amazing red glitter that is already on almost everything in the Union Square collection.

There was another lovely mini album – created with two sets of album covers from the “Market Street” collection. I’m not sure who this one is by, though Amber will probably let me know.  My Most favorite part of this album was the use of my banner acrylic stamps. She must have stamped different colors on cream paper and then cut them out to create these adorable banners inside the mini album.

Here are those stamps — also you can see the awesome coral glitter that is all over the Market Street Collection.

Here are some photos of each of the sides of the display so you can get an idea of how much product is in this line (and why I’ve been missing for so long). I’m tired just looking at it all! That’s 40 double-sided papers folks!

And here are a few little close-ups – hopefully you can see some of the foil glitter detailing.

I can’t believe I didn’t get any close-ups of the buttons! They are one of my favorite items — all the sets look like mixed vintage sets of buttons like you would find in an antique shop – and they are sewn to little unique button cards. So fun!

Here are some of the amazing Lost & Found layouts by the Design Team:

And a few close-ups – notice the crepe paper trim in this one — thats part of the line!

I keep hearing over and over again how easy it is to build layouts with this line. I love to hear that!

And here is one of my favorite photos… if you squint hard enough you can see my teeny little name there by the logo. Love it!

Well thats all the photos I have for Lost and Found. Hopefully you can get a good idea for what the line looks like. It will be in stores VERY SOON — 2-3 weeks! This is a great time to ask your LSS if they are going to carry it though — if they get their order in soon then they’ll get it right after the shops who ordered it at CHA.

Of course this wasn’t the only line that My Mind’s Eye debuted at CHA. There were lots of other goodies too!

First off we have Zoe Pearn’s Alphabet Soup. This line is so adorable! My favorite part are the matching decks of ABC cards. I can think of a million cute things to do with those! The chipboard and epoxy brads are fabulous too.

Next we have Halloween. These two lines are done by Deena Rutter (top) and Carina Gardner (bottom). Blackbird is all illustrated and such a cute line. Haunted is kraft paper that has white printed on it as well as black flocking which feels like velvet. It’s beautiful and such a unique Halloween line. I love both of these lines and hope that they jump off the shelves!

Last but not least, here is Christmas! This is actually my Christmas line called Holly Jolly. I am so happy how it printed out. The colors are very vibrant without looking garish. I think I’m going to cover some wood blocks or something with it. I can’t wait to play! Also I need to get started early this year on neighbor gifts — now that I actually know people here.

Here you can see both Christmas releases from MME – Holly Jolly & I believe.

And finally here is a shot of the booth from the outside… This was at the end of set-up so it’s a bit candid and you can see everyone taking a load off and resting. My favorite part is the vacuum cleaner.

This one is less messy — from the front:

Sorry about the bad quality of all these photos — I’m not the best photographer and the lighting is horrid inside convention centers. Hopefully you got a good feel for Lost and Found and also all the other fun lines that My Mind’s Eye released at CHA Summer 2010! Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom! Maybe next CHA you can come meet me at the show!

16 responses to “CHA Summer 2010 – My Mind’s Eye”

  1. Diane says:

    Lost and Found is just gorgeous! Congratulations and I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Berta says:

    I love every single piece of Lost & Found!!!! A vintage girls dream! Thanks for sharing the photos! If it looks better IRL, then it is a knockout!!

  3. Jeryn says:

    Jen, these new lines are AMAZING!!!! it makes me want to go out and snatch them all up and blow off the dust on my scrapbooking tools and supplies. Seriously. This is why it’s dangerous for me to go to my LSS. LOL.

    I also didn’t realize so many talented digi designers are also traditional paper designers too! I guess I’ve been away from the “traditional” scrapbooking scene for awhile.

  4. Deena Rutter says:

    YOUR LINE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, Friend. Thanks for the company there. I love being with you.

  5. Noelle says:

    You are amazing!! This is the greatest line ever! I can’t wait to get my hands on the stamps! I am cracking up over the vac. and exhausted MME peeps! Thank you for answering my post on 2Peas. This is the first pics of the ‘booth’ I have seen. And I don’t like booth. It’s way more than that! You rocked this line! I can not wait to have it in my hands! THANKS!!

  6. It all looks fabulous. And the red glitter….delish!!
    You’ve done an amazing job Jen!

  7. This line was my favorite at the MME booth. Photos just don’t do it justice! The glitter is so fun and I had fun helping build a kit with all the elements. We’ll be chatting about this at ScrapStreet too!!!

  8. IdaIsAlive says:

    Congrats! It’s a beautiful design — and not everyone can say that their designs were on display for the “best of the best” to see at CHA.
    I’ll use my imagination to visualize the look for your mixed vintage sets of buttons, until I see them in the store!
    Awesome job!

  9. Amber Packer says:

    Thank you, Jen! What an honor for you to include my album in your blog post. I just designed a two-page layout with Portobello Road today. I’ll email you a picture.

    FYI: Jana Eubank designed the other album. I LOVE It!

    Hugs, Amber

  10. Sandie Shiver says:

    I love My Mind’s Eye products, but I no longer do paper scrapbooking. I’m totally into digital scrapbooking.
    I would like to know if My Mind’s Eye has any digital products.

  11. Winnie says:

    Oh, Jen….I miss the MME booth…and all your great designs. I am trying to catch up on blog reading and you have soooo many great and exciting things I will be here for hours!


  12. Amanda says:

    I just recieved my order from 2peas and had to come and tell you, your lost and found papers are stunning and so much better in real life…. and I am a digi scrapper mostly.

  13. Jen Allyson says:

    Thanks Amanda! I’m so glad you like them!

  14. Khyati says:

    Amazing work.. god knows how u got such creative ideas.. very neat…
    do share more of this ideas with people like us who can’t think such creatively 🙂

  15. Tia says:

    I just got back from Archivers and had to get online to see if there was any more products to go with the beautiful paper I bought. The pictures do not do it justice. I bought 2 of every sheet they had in the lost and found collection. Just wondering where I can buy the rest of it?

  16. Mary Morgan says:

    Wow! I saw your collection at Archivers and bought the last 2 sheets of my mind eye. I’m putting together a memorial keepsake card to celebrate my family’s first mother’s day without our mom. I would love to purchase 6 more sheets of my mind eye. Please Please tell me where I can pick it up.

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