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March 16th, 2010

Oh my busy! I feel terrible, it’s been the longest stretch of non-updating that my blog has ever seen. Almost 2 months! I’m so sorry everyone, life has been exceptionally busy! First things first though, My birthday was 2 weeks ago and I got lots of fun things. My favorites include:

Theses shoes from Spencer…. my current theory is the higher the heel, the better

Picture 164

And Gennifer had this adorable headband sent all the way from canada:

Picture 165

And my friend Heather made me my own snuggie! here is a digital layout I made showing it off:

Picture 163

Now that we’re up to date on new accessories nothing else seems to matter! But I’ll keep going… In the past month I’ve designed a new paper line along with Deena Rutter The line is really beautiful and elegant and called So Sophie. MME will start selling it very soon and it should be in Local Scrapbooking Stores in April/May

Picture 166

Also my Quite Contrary and Beloved Papers got picked up by the quilting company Riley Blake to become super cute fabric! I’ll update more on that as I actually get to see some!



I also have another paper line in the works right now but you’ll just have to wait a bit to see what it looks like! It’s sure to be extra feminine and frilly!

On the Digital Scrapbooking front, Design House Digital is going great! There is a great gallery promotion going right now. If you post 20 qualifying  layouts in the gallery before April 9th then you get a $20 gift card. If you post 30 then you get the gift card and this exclusive kit FREE:

I’ve also debuted more Vanity Fair Kits including Persimmon & Cerulean, Here is a little peek, check out my shop for more kits.



Whew!! That was a lot of updates! I am planning to do some major spring cleaning & ORGANIZING so I should have some free downloads soon.

If you are a digi scrapper, DHD has new releases every THURSDAY and they are 30% off day of release only!

Thanks for stopping by! I promise not to go 7 weeks without an update again!

5 responses to “Whats New!”

  1. lou says:

    JEN! Really, I was missing you! Actually been thinking about you this past weekend when I bought several sheets of paper at my local scrapbook store in order to make my first set of handmade business cards. I bought 3 sheets of paper and while I was cutting I saw the signature “quite contraty” by jen allison and wooohooo I was like “i do follow her blog – what a serendipity!!” i have a set of about 20 handmade business cards made of you paper and I love each and every one of it. i love that paper! it rocks my world right now and just TODAY I gave away the first one to a total stranger. wish me luck!! 🙂

  2. Jen Allyson says:

    Yay! I’m so happy you’re loving my paper and I really want to see these cute business cards!

  3. lou says:

    oh yes i will take a good picture and send it to you. they are super. the best about the paper is that it’s double sided. makes great cards!

  4. oh the contest is awesome jen. Not to mention your designs. I so need a pair of descent high heals to go with my black dress. That will wait unitl I get a job

  5. L Whiteing says:

    Those look like awesome heels! 🙂 If that’s a growing obsession, try “Naughty Monkey”- my friend swears by their shoes… can actually teach all day in a 4inch heel. And they are super-cute.
    Looking forward to fabric!

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