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December 29th, 2009

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Are you ready for a whole new decade?? A whole new chance to be the person you’ve always wanted to be? I never really understood new years resolutions till a few years ago. Now I love them. I love setting goals for my life and working on making them happen. I love the promise that a whole new year brings along with it. This year I decided to help you (and me) set goals by creating a goal sheet that you could use any time — for new years resolutions or whenever you just need a little extra motivation to change something in your life.

Due to popular request, I made this PDF with “customizable fields” that you should be able to type directly into with your acrobat reader. If that doesn’t work, you can still print them out like normal and hand-write.

So what are some of your goals this decade? If it’s to get more organized, you’re in the right place! Look for more fun organizational forms soon!

Click the button to download your PDF form. This is for your personal use only. Feel free to share it on your blog, but please link back. Happy 2010!


December 22nd, 2009


This week I was visiting my office at My Mind’s Eye. I work from home and so I don’t get out there too often, but it’s home for me in a lot of ways. While I was there I found this Vinyl sticker that said “Dream” on it. I came across this sticker and decided to stick it on my laptop. I wasn’t feeling inspired or anything, I just wanted to put it there because my laptop was looking naked. I stuck that sucker on and I didn’t really think anything about it.

Later that night, I pulled my laptop out to work on a few things, and I saw the word, and I felt this jolt of inspiration. I felt connected to this word in a way that I would never have thought possible. I truly felt inspired to dream. Not only that, but I realized for the first time that all the things I had been doing, building, working on were dreams too.

Do you ever have those moments in life, when something seemingly simple can change every aspect about you? When one little action can cause you to dream up something that you would have never dreamed for yourself?

This year has been that way for me. A dream, a future of dreams. But I thought I was just plugging along until I saw that sticker on my laptop. I thought I was just doing what it took to “make it work” but I wasn’t just doing that, I had been dreaming. Dreaming of very big things.

Today I am officially announcing a great dream of mine, Design House Digital:

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If you would have told me a year ago that I would be opening up my own digtal scrapbooking website, I would have laughed at the idea. I wasn’t even designing digital products a year ago. My dear friend Carina got me into this after I convinced her years ago that being a digital designer would be an awesome career. Well, she paid me back in February when she convinced me to open a shop at Two Peas. I have loved every second of designing for the digital market. There is something so freeing about being able to design whatever you like and also something so rewarding about being so closely tied to your customer.

I didn’t know that I had the dream to design digital, and I definitely didn’t know that I had the dream to start my own store, but here I am, and it is truly inspiring to me — the dreams that I would have never imagined dreaming.

I feel so connected to this site, I feel like a new mother. This site is a part of my soul, created for a community that I have grown to love so much. A community of designers who are my friends as well as a community of digital scrapbookers whom I am inspired by every single day. I built this for all of them and I cannot wait till January 1st, 2010 to be able to see it grow because of their amazing energy.

I couldn’t have done it on my own though, I’m not that big of a dreamer. My kind husband Spencer has supported me through all my crazy. He has helped around the house in amazing and consistent ways, he has made me get off the couch and go to the gym, he has given me the confidence to put one foot in front of the other and take a little step every single day.  My beautiful sister-in-Law Mary, was crazy enough to follow me through this never-ending journey, she is the brains behind every aspect of the structure and development of the site. Without her brain and skills, I would be sitting here having a nervous breakdown with a website that would still be a life-time away from launch. There are not enough words to show her my gratitude. My dearest friend Carina who as always is like a rock, and a steam roller, and a rocket all put into one (that’s a compliment) has truly been by my side every moment, cheering me on and just going going going. There are so many other friends, too many to mention, that have given me advice, guidance, and unfaltering confidence.

All these people made this dream possible, a dream that I didnt even know I had. And now a dream that I get to share with every one of you.

Design House Digital is launching on January 1, 2010. It is the premier source for professionally designed digital scrapbooking and photo enhancement products. The site will be a resource to anyone interested in any style of digital scrapbooking, both in product as well as content.  The goal of DHD is to create a community where those who are interested in preserving their memories can go to learn, create, and inspire one another.

I will keep my blog updated with news and information on DHD, if you’re interested in learning more, check out the temporary DHD blog. There is also a gorgeous freebie available on the DHD splashpage, if you sign up for the newsletter you’ll get a link to download this kit:


Thank you for all your support! I love this blog and plan to keep it going and to keep you all infused with organizational downloads! Dream big!
xoxo Jen Allyson

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December 16th, 2009


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Have a great holiday season and thanks for reading!