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September 19th, 2009


Soooo I’m getting ready for a move. Which basically means that I have about 15 empty boxes hanging around my apartment needing to be filled! Every time I move, I think about labeling my boxes with handy stickers but then I always end up either not making them or using a marker to write something that inevitably becomes illegible.

I thought maybe other people are having this trouble and are scouring the internet for some helpful labels. So I put together some quick labels that you can print on label paper or just print on regular paper and cut & tape when you seal up your boxes.

The fun thing about this label sheet is that the bottom has small labels. I thought it would be a great way to label all my chargers, cables and cords that get tangled and lost. This way I can keep all my cords straight and know exactly what electronics they belong to.

Download this PDF by clicking on the image or clicking here. Happy packing! Labels are for personal use only.

22 responses to “Packing Labels – Free Download”

  1. 15 boxes?! I wish! hehe, I have that many of our crystal and china which are still unpacked & sitting in a corner waiting for us to build a cabinet to hold.

    Have a great move! and great labels! Love the little labels for the chargers. You could drop them in a little Ziploc bag with the cable & keep them from tangling & labeled.

    Thank you!

  2. My dd’s best friend from her grade lives next door to us. They are moving. this is perfect. I will send her mother to the site for the download.

  3. admin says:

    LOL we ended up buying boxes 2 more times. Way tooooo many boxes! I’ll be glad to have this move over!

  4. candice says:

    i just found your site via & it’s great!

    i’m moving in exactly two weeks and your packing labels are a godsend!

    thanks for sharing!!


  5. MrsJohnson says:

    These are so cute! As a military family we move often and I’ve always printed out little tags and taped them to the box so the movers know where to put everything. Mine were never as cute as this, i LOVE them!

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  7. Kelsey says:

    These are perfect, we’re moving soon and I’ve been trying to think of ways to keep organized. Can’t wait to put them to use 🙂

  8. […] I also find that I can put the things back in the exact box they were in last time due to my favorite labels from The Project Girl’s packing labels you can download HERE. […]

  9. Anna says:

    Just found out I’m moving…in a week. Yikes. These will helps us keep things straight, especially since some are going in storage. Thanks!

  10. Sue says:

    Thanks for sharing….it will come in handy during the next move!

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  12. Tania says:

    these are great, just 3 weeks too late for me though, but I’ll be sure to keep them for next time and pass the link on to friends – thx

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  15. I found your labels resource via I’m an Organizing Junkie’s blog. These are great! In particular I love the idea of using the smaller labels for keeping power cords and electronics wires organized. I own a moving company in Tampa, FL, and I’ve been working on providing moving tips and resources to my customers on our blog. I’ll be adding a link to this blog in my next post. Thanks for providing such a clever idea! Tangled and misplaced power cords are one of our customers’ biggest headaches.

    Brooke Sperry

  16. I posted your Moving Printable on my blog! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Check it Out:

  17. Jen Allyson says:


  18. Christian Reese says:

    Only 15 boxes? I envy you. Anyway, cool labels, I think I’ll be using them the next time I move house. Speaking of labelling boxes, I recently read a very interesting idea in a blog post full of packing tips They basically suggest you let your kids do some labelling on their own. For example ask them to draw some books on the box full of books. Or a fork and dish on the box which contains these items. I think, it’s a cool idea, how about you?

  19. Catherine says:

    So I’m trying to print your labels on the label paper, and they are printing unevenly.

    Any suggestions?

  20. Christian Reese says:

    Hi Catherine, why don’t you try a different set of labels? I recently found this blog post with free downloadable packing labels I had no problem printing them I hope it works or you too.

  21. Andi says:

    I love these labels, they are exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you!
    I only wish I could print each room on different coloured paper.

  22. Viola Mann says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this labels. I need them desperately. Tomorrow is my moving day and I forget to label my boxes. I am so glad that I found your article. I am going to label them now. Best regards!

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