New Kit, New Sale, New Blog!

September 8th, 2009


Wow lots of stuff going on this week. You might notice a *slight* change here with my new blog design. I love it! If you notice any bugs let me know, I’m still working out some kinks. A very special thank you to Mr. Project for getting it all programmed and working!

Starting today through next Monday (Sept 14), I’m having a great sale on my Digital Kits. 10% off all my Seasonal Kits. That includes Christmas, Halloween, Fall, & School. So If you’ve had some of my kits in your wish list, now is the time to pick them up!

I have one kit releasing today at Two Peas. A set of Stylized Vignettes. I am so in love with these. You can see on my side-bar that I used one for my “subscribe” link. These are so useful and handy!


4 responses to “New Kit, New Sale, New Blog!”

  1. Jen Martakis says:

    Your blog is simply beautiful. LOVE the makeover!

  2. I Love it. I have gc I need to go spend…
    Stop by my blog i got funny pictures up..

  3. Gennifer says:

    Gorgeous blog, just like your new kit! 🙂

  4. amy says:

    great swirlies!

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