Chicken Wire Organization & Calendar Download

September 6th, 2009


I finished this project forever ago, but It was in my entry and the light-bulb had burnt out! This week Mr. Project replaced it so I was able to take pictures!

I love this chicken wire board. It keeps me super organized. I keep my bills, out-going mail, reminder, notes, calendar etc. all up here next to my doorway so I don’t miss a thing.


I especially love the calender, its super simple and easy to get a lot of writing in each of the days.


The process to make this board is SUPER easy. You just need a few simple items. 1. A Frame, 2. Chicken Wire, 3. Nail Gun, 4. Tin Snips, 5. Spray Paint (optional), 6. Bulldog Clips


You can get a frame anywhere since it doesn’t need glass or a back. You might have one laying around, or you could find one at goodwill or a garage sale. Once you have a frame, the first step is staple the chickenwire to the backside of the frame. After you have stapled the wire around the edges, go ahead and snip the excess chicken wire. I recommend gloves and protective eye-wear for this step.


That is the bulk of the hard labor for this project. If you want to make it a little shabby, spice it up or just make it look new, grab a can of spray paint and go at it. I like how the paint looks on the chickenwire, so I didn’t mask mine off. If you don’t want your chicken wire painted, you can paint your frame before you put on the wire.

Once your frame is painted, you’re all ready to decorate it! I made these cute labels & a calendar for you to download. Or you can design your own!




Here is how I organized mine. I hung up the tags & calendars with some silver bulldog clips. I love those things!


Here are the download links for the Tags & the Calendar. The calendar is actually 13 months long Sept 2009-2010 (the PDF download is 13 pages long).

As always, free downloads are for personal use only. Please tell your friends to come visit the site and download their own tags & calendar. I would love a comment if you do download!

42 responses to “Chicken Wire Organization & Calendar Download”

  1. Gennifer says:

    How cool is this? (It’s only missing a picture of me… can you fix that ASAP?)

    Website looks great! 🙂

  2. Very cute! And I love the downloads – I was worried that the month would be messed up (because it says September has 31 days in your sample image and the dates are on the wrong days) but no one else needs to worry about dumb things like that – just me! The calendar is perfect – phew! 🙂

    Love your scrapbook kits, too!

  3. Ilove this idea!!! And chicken wire – so homey!!!! (farmy?) Thanks for the organization tip!

  4. Emily says:

    This is REALLY CUTE!!

  5. I love it. I wish my Dh would build this for me.

  6. Tien says:

    I just love your ideas! Thank you!

  7. retrohipmama says:

    I am so inspired by your projects and style. Thanks for all you do you fuel my creativity and compulsion for order and organization.

  8. So glad I happened upon your site. I am so excited to feature this tomorrow on my blog as well as your site in general. Your designs make me feel like I am already organized and my life is together 🙂 You are very talented and definitely have much to offer. Thanks so much. –Kristin

  9. Carina says:

    May I request an October one now? I love using this calendar for my “extra” stuff!

  10. Casey says:

    this is a great idea!

  11. Lauren says:

    I don’t care that our house is contemporary—– I’m putting this baby together! Thank you!

  12. That is a fabulous idea. I was looking for something like this to display what we are working on in homeschool. I have a frame and was wondering what to put in the middle. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Dawn says:

    This is just so cute!

  14. b says:

    could you update this for 2010 please ?

  15. admin says:

    Actually the calender file should be through DEC 2010, so you should be good! THe file is a multiple-page PDF.

  16. Janet says:

    I tried to download the calendar and the 9th page had several pages overlapping. I did not notice it until I already printed it. I am not going be able to use it, but it inspired me to make my own. That way I can make my own notes before I print it

  17. Lindsay says:

    You have so many great ideas – well worth purchasing “Woman’s Day” Jan. 2010 just to find out about this site!

  18. Amanda says:

    For some reason May is messed up when I open it up…It is only me?

  19. andrea says:

    What a great idea, thanks for sharing your work.

  20. Veronica says:

    I’d love to make this calendar a 22×17 desk calendar for my desk. It is such a lovely design. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks projectgirl!

  21. Rachel Anderson says:

    I just stumbled onto this page and downloaded your calendar! thanks so much for sharing it! its so cute and i think its going to be very useful. might even get DH to build me a little chicken wire board 🙂

  22. Jen Allyson says:

    You could take the file to a kinkos or similar and see if they can print a large version. The files are postscript which means they can be printed any size. good luck.

  23. Jenny Hanmer says:

    I am not sure but I see that the calendar only goes from September to September??? Was hoping to get the whole year. Any help in this area would be great! Thanks

  24. Deanna says:

    What a cool idea. I’m going to share this one on the MOPS forum for craft leaders.

  25. Ashley says:

    Will you be updating this again since the last one is ending in a few months??

  26. […] I usually paint black and add to my family wall. Such a cute idea and would be ideal for my office. Here is the how-to tutorial. […]

  27. Ashley says:

    I love this idea.. I have done corkboards out of wine corks in various types of frames, old winow panes but this is GREAT!! Can’t wait to make it for a present, my friends will love it!

  28. terri says:

    I love your calendar template. Will you be updating the years?

  29. Veronica says:

    Any chance you are going to update your calendar download?! I really loved the design and now that its almost October…I’m out of calendars!

  30. Nina says:

    Any calendar updates? We need one!! Please!!

  31. i would love to get some free calendars on the internet, are there are sites or company that gives one? ‘.*

  32. Sheri O. says:

    Any hope of getting a new calendar? Yours is the BEST!

  33. Megan says:

    Can we PLEASE PLEASE get a 2011-2012 Calendar?? Or instructions on how to update? Thank you!!

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  35. Sherry says:

    I love your calendar! Will your be doing one for 2012?

    Blessings, Sherry

  36. This is amazing! I have an old frame and after the mirror broken, I stored in it my garage. Now I will have to dust it off and add chicken wire!

  37. amy says:

    Where did you get the bulldog clips for this frame? I can’t find them anywhere!!

  38. Angela says:

    I was wondering what size chicken wire you used.. I bought some and the holes look a little big compared to this one! Thanks (:

  39. Jen Allyson says:

    I used a 1″ chicken wire.

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