Be *a little* Creative Every Day Challenge

June 5th, 2009


I couldn’t sleep the other night and I was just letting my mind wander. I was feeling bogged down and realized that because I have a creative job, I use all my creativity to fuel that and not fuel myself. I think that creativity is what creates a happy life, doing the little things that are not necessary, but make life fun and different and exciting. So I decided that for the rest of the month of June, I want to do something creative every single day.

It doesn’t have to be something big. I don’t have to pull out all the stops and make a quilt or paint the whole apartment. What I want to do and what I want to encourage you to do, is to incorporate “little acts of creativity” into your daily life. Sounds easy enough, right?

I was trying to think up some of these little acts and I thought, just simple things that make our day’s brighter — when you make a sandwich for your kids, take out the cookie cutter  and cut a heart out of the center — or for your significant other – a tiny heart out of their morning toast.  Bake more often, look up a new recipe and just try it!

Sometimes little things like rearranging the furniture, changing a lamp shade, or  buying new towels for the kitchen can give you the creative boost to be more productive in all aspects of your life.

Scrapbook! Yes, actually take out your stuff and commit to making a page — 1 page! See how much creativity and happiness that it brings to your day. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to digitally scrapbook, then just do it! Find an online tutorial and just watch it to see if it excites you and gets your creative juices flowing.

Resurrect an old hobby or craft. You already have all the supplies, just dust them off and start again. Remember how good it feels just to sit and knit for a moment or cross stitch or paint — whatever it is, put aside a tiny bit of time, and a little bit of effort and just open up yourself to that creativity again.

If you are out running errands, stop by the craft store, art supply store, or Local Scrapbook Store. Just walk around, touch and feel things and look at all the beautiful samples. Get Inspired! Sometimes inspiration is enough to keep us going, even if we don’t have time to actually create things.

Buy a home decor magazine that you find inspirational. As you look through it, close your eyes and imagine yourself creating those beautiful rooms or being in those beautiful rooms. Try and find one small project that you can do — repaint an old sculpure, hang a shelf, fill a jar with something fun and put it on display. Whatever inspires you to be creative!

Mod Podge. If you have some, and some paper, pick something to Mod Podge and then just do it! Make an ugly clipboard a beautiful clipboard, Turn a boring silverware tray into a chic silverware tray.

Craft with your kids. This was always my favorite thing to do growing up. Take out all that scrapbook paper that you’re not in love with anymore and just go to town. There are no rules — cut out little people or hang a big banner across the room. Fill up some old frames with your eclectic creations and hang them up just for fun. Let your kids know how important and beautiful their creativity is too.

I can’t wait to get started! I really need a shot in the arm on this stuff right now because I’ve been spending so much time working. I have so many projects in the works that I just have not been able to finish. So this month, I’m going to finish those and try and do a lot of little things to fuel my creativity.

I started this yesterday, and what I did was create a digital scrapbook layout just for myself! I just wanted to do it, so I stopped what I was doing and just dedicated 30 minutes to doing it.


So join me in this challenge, and just do one thing creative today, and tomorrow, and the next day! If your a blogger, copy my “be a little creative” button and put it on your blog when you post something creative!

3 responses to “Be *a little* Creative Every Day Challenge”

  1. eden tyler says:

    i really like this idea and the tag is super adorable.
    thanks for letting us use it.
    i write, and sometimes it’s hard to stop dawdling on the internet or doing something around the house that doesn’t really need to be done.
    so this will work for me on the level you intended, as i adore all things creative to make my house and my day sunnier and happier, but also, this would be a great sticker to put on my netbook. every time i open it, i’ll remember i should create–whether it be a blog, a story, or my book–and not waste time!!
    thanks =)

  2. Great! Everyone knows this, but it is so good to hear it from someone who loves to craft.

    Found you from SITStas…..

    Keep up the work. I have no idea where you find the time.

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