The Best Photographer! AKA: My Wedding Picks

May 14th, 2009

As my regular readers know, I recently got married. I have been patiently waiting to see my photos and my fabulous photographer Kelli Nicole put some amazing ones up on her blog yesterday. I am so happy with them, they are gorgeous!! I wanted to share them with you, so here is a quick sampling, but check out her BLOG for more great shots! If you are in the need of any family/baby/wedding photos, Kelli is your gal. And best of all, she travels all over, so you never know, she just might be in your area soon. I think she is in Houston right now.

See if you can spot Carina below:

My favorite shot of me and my dad and my nephew:

8 responses to “The Best Photographer! AKA: My Wedding Picks”

  1. Christine W. says:

    You look GORGEOUS! What a wonderful and talented photographer! Looks like you had a beautiful wedding day. Congratulations!

  2. Gennifer says:

    I checked these out when you linked them at NSBR… they are amazing!

    You made a beautiful bride, and you make a gorgeous couple! Congratulations!

  3. renee says:

    Jen you sexy babe! you looked wonderful that day and these pics prove it…congrats to you and your handsome hubby!

  4. Laura says:

    Oh my! Those photos are GORGEOUS girl!!! 🙂 I wish my photos looked like that.

  5. I just posted on the wedding today! Oh, I love Kelly Nicole!!!! She did such an amazing job AND you look fabulous (as usual!)

  6. Those are gorgeous pictures! Congrats on your wedding! You were a beautiful bride!

  7. Your wedding photos turned out GORGEOUS!! GORGEOUS!! You and your husband are just beautiful and radiant. My sister is getting married in the next few months, this gets me so excited to help her decorate & plan!

  8. Miss Kitty says:

    Your blog is truly amazing. Also, your wedding pics are breath taking!

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