My IN-N-OUT Burger

April 1st, 2009


Before moving to Cali, I was not a big fan of good ole In-N-Out. But after living here and going many times, I have finally found “my burger” there. Apparently the whole menu is completely customizable. So for the past few months, every time I went, I would order a slight variation on my previous burger. 

Last night, I finally was 100% completely satisfied with my burger and boy was it delish! And the best part is — its only 340 calories! Not bad for such a yummy and filling dinner.

My magical combination is: A double meat, no cheese, onions, extra tomatoes, no sauce, ketchup , protein style (lettuce in place of a bun).  Perfection! My mouth is watering! 

In chasing down that calorie count, I also found out that the Neapolitan shakes with extra strawberry, that I love so much, are about 700 calories. Eep! Those will definitely have to be few and far between!

I also like their fries okay as long as they are cooked “well done” – but for 400 calories, i’d rather have half a shake. But for now, its just the burger and a diet coke.

Share your favorite In-N-Out combo, I’d love to hear it!

4 responses to “My IN-N-OUT Burger”

  1. naomi says:

    oh i love in and out. im in florida right now and we dont have it here. sucks. but my combo is fries well done. burger animal style. LOVE it. Sometimes i like the fries animal style too. Oh they make grilled cheese sandwiches there too.

  2. Jillian says:

    My favorite is a double-double, protein style, whole grilled onion, i slice of cheese, no sauce.

    Its simply perfection!

  3. Sue McG says:

    I like Animal Style – grilled onions, cheese, sauce, you can even order your fries that way (calorie-fest). You can do a web-search for the ‘secret’ menu and read reviews, there are whole blogs and websites devoted to In-N-Out mania 🙂

  4. Mackenzie says:

    Mine isn’t nearly as healthy! I go for a double-double, spread-only with extra cheese!!! Mmmmm, I could totally go for one right now!

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