utah wedding cupcake conundrum

April 1st, 2009


I want cupcakes as my wedding favors. Cupcakes in cute little white boxes tied with ribbon and a cute label placed on top of a charger with a napkin and a menu card.  Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside

But I don’t quite know where to get them from yet. I would love to take some from Sprinkles and bring them to Utah with me… but that is highly unlikely.

I did a lot of online searching and found a few Utah companies that bring it to the table. 

In the running right now are Mini’s CupcakesCupcake Chic,  The Sweet Tooth Fairy,  So Cupcake, & Dippidee  


Currently Mini’s is in first position. The nice thing about Mini’s is that they are affordable — $2.00 per cupcake including the box (though they are smaller than the other companies). They are also extremely beautiful and I’m willing to rank on a 70% beauty 30% taste scale. I am pretty much in love with the cupcakes in the above photo. The big negative that they have going for them is that I believe they run a bit on the “dry” side. I assume this is because of their small size. But I’ve never had a moist “Mini” but again thats only 30% of the ranking.



Cupcake Chic  Is getting a lot of wedding attention these days. I’m hesitant to recommend anyone who doesn’t have a store front – just because I can’t go and see and taste all the greatness going on. But I do have to give them an A+ for keeping it simple and awesome. I really really want to try their red velvet cupcakes and would love to have them at my wedding. They do sell their cupcakes at a few coffee shops in Utah County, so I might just have to go in search of them. A dozen cupcakes runs $25 so thats just a hair more than $2.00. I just called and they were super nice and are even sending me 4 to sample so I can make my decision. They do bulk price breaks – for every 6 dozen you buy, you get a dozen free! So I can get my 10 dozen for $225.00! The owner (sorry I can’t remember your name) said that most likely the individual boxes wont cost extra, but she was going to calculate pricing on those. I think this might be my new number one pick, it all just depends on taste now, cause the cuteness is there and so is the price!



Third position is held by The Sweet Tooth Fairy. I have never had their cupcakes, but I am really excited to go and try them. Their website/design is so adorable and hey, that does it for me! Their cupcakes are also completely adorable and they run $28/dozen which works out to be $2.33/cupcake. I love their custom medallians – that would be rockin for a wedding. I have a lot of hope for this company so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that when I taste them, I’ll fall in love! I just found out that they can come Individual boxed for $3.00 & if you are interested in custom monograms they are $.75 more and preferably atleast a weeks notice. It might just be too pricy for me 🙁 

cupcake3Another company in the running is  So Cupcake. I was super UNimpressed by their flavor/moistness etc. There wasn’t really anything special about their cupcakes — but maybe my standards are a bit to high, I do admit that I am spoiled here in California. They are cute – but so are most other cupcakes. The reason they are even in the running is because of PRICE. If you’re all about the money they can’t be beat. The mini’s are $1.16 and the regulars (which are pretty darn big) are $2.16 when bought by the dozen – and they also come in a complimentary box. Money might just win over — maybe I just caught them on a bad day. 


Last but not least is Dippidee.  I must admit that I am definitely back and forth with this cupcakary.  My first and only impression is that they over-do it a bit. Mile High frosting, filling inside the cake… can’t we just keep it simple. They look delectable but taste is just moderate — more youthful than sophisticated like the Mini’s & Tooth Fairy. I do have to say that Their vanilla frosting is the bomb, but man I had a killer headache afterwards, and I’m not a fan of their Chocolate at all. Maybe you can have too much of a good thing. I think I may have to try them again before I make my final choice. I just called to check pricing and I found that the little ones (which arn’t so little) called fun-size are $.99! killer deal. And the big tall ones are $2.99 – these are the ones with the filling etc. You can get them in individual boxes – I forgot to ask if those cost extra or not. 

That is all the research I’ve amassed on the subject hopefully it will help any brides or party throwers. I’m sure there are lost more companies out there, let me know if you’ve had a great experience with a local cupcakary!

xoxo Jen Allyson

My IN-N-OUT Burger

April 1st, 2009


Before moving to Cali, I was not a big fan of good ole In-N-Out. But after living here and going many times, I have finally found “my burger” there. Apparently the whole menu is completely customizable. So for the past few months, every time I went, I would order a slight variation on my previous burger. 

Last night, I finally was 100% completely satisfied with my burger and boy was it delish! And the best part is — its only 340 calories! Not bad for such a yummy and filling dinner.

My magical combination is: A double meat, no cheese, onions, extra tomatoes, no sauce, ketchup , protein style (lettuce in place of a bun).  Perfection! My mouth is watering! 

In chasing down that calorie count, I also found out that the Neapolitan shakes with extra strawberry, that I love so much, are about 700 calories. Eep! Those will definitely have to be few and far between!

I also like their fries okay as long as they are cooked “well done” – but for 400 calories, i’d rather have half a shake. But for now, its just the burger and a diet coke.

Share your favorite In-N-Out combo, I’d love to hear it!