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February 24th, 2009

Today I was feeling especially motivated to organize (one of my favorite thing to do). So I finally bit the bullet and got some great clear bins at Costco. Although I live in a small apartment in San Francisco, I have 2 really nice big closets. Since moving here they have become increasingly more frightening to open. So I took a little time this evening and I went through both of my closets and organized everything that I could into bins:



The next step in my organization was to make some cute labels! My second favorite thing is to make cute labels! What a good day! So I designed these labels (Available for free download at the end of this post), printed and cut them out:



Once they were all cut out, I ran them through my xyron 250 machine. If any of you don’t know what this is — its the most amazing invention to come to paper crafting. you basically slide your paper (or buttons or ribbon anything thin enough) through the front and turn the wheel, and it comes out the back A STICKER! I’m being completely serious here. You have to see it in person, but whatever you put in, comes out with the perfect amount of adhesive adhered to the back. Get one!


Once the labels were all made into stickers, I just threw them up on the containers! 


And some up-close shots:




I am so so happy to have this done. The closets look amazing and with the labels, everything now has its own little home! Hopefully this will motivate you to do a little bit of spring cleaning and organizing. Be sure to download some labels so that you can keep all your stuff straight! I’d love to hear about your organization methods and be sure to leave a comment if you do download the labels. xoxo Jen Allyson


Download  PDF Labels>> Label Page 1 & Label Page 2

19 responses to “Closet Organization – Free Download”

  1. love the labels wish you had some blank ones like that. I could use them in my home and class room for kids folders. Am I an organizer freak myself.

  2. Molly says:

    Ok, how cool are they! I will have to dl them for sure! I love your new closet organization!

  3. Jackie says:

    when I click on the labels it says the page is not found.

  4. admin says:

    Ooops. my bad! 🙂 I fixed it for ya.

  5. BeckyB says:

    LOVE this idea – you have inspired me!!!! Thanks for adding me on Twitter so I could find you.

  6. Rhonda Steed says:

    hey THANKS! I love these!

  7. Missy C says:

    Thanks, these are great.
    Missy C

  8. Ms. Mama says:

    I love to organize. Thanks for the label download.

  9. Kelly says:

    These rock! We are moving soon into a smaller place and I’m looking to get a much better organizational system in place. I will be using these cute labels & putting my Xyron to good use soon! Thanks for the labels 🙂

  10. Thank you for this, Jen! We’re moving at the end of the month and while I dream of a better organized office/craft room, I haven’t yet achieved it. With these labels as my starting point, I will this time! Besides, we’re moving into our own house so I am really motivated now. (I’ll blog about it on my site!)

    I already bought the Xyron and additional adhesive roll on ebay and am waiting for it to come!

    Thanks again. Your site is wonderful!


  11. Hey,
    nice job – I just love those days where you get so much done – and lucky for us you are crafty enough to make it into a tutorial. Seeing a few pictures of someone else doing this kind of project is a lot more inspiring than just reading about it.
    thanks for posting

  12. Jennifer says:

    Such a great idea organizing a storage closet with clear bins AND labels. Labels are great but having the ability at a glance to actually see what is in the bin is a huge time saver.

  13. I downloaded these labels to inspire me to organize things! They are my fav colors too. I have a few boxes in my closet, from my wedding in June, which still have various items for an emergency kit for my wedding like qtips, bandaids…etc….then items from parties and im portant docs since I got married. I NEED to get these things organized! Thanks, Jen!

  14. unorganized mess says:

    I too would LOVE some blank ones for other items! Thaks for your creativity & generoisty!

  15. tajicat says:

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  16. kendell says:

    Thank you ever so much for these labels, they are just what I wanted. Kindest regards

  17. Maheen says:

    You are truly amazing:)

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