Blog Redesign!

February 6th, 2009

If you’ve been here before you might notice a *slight* change. HAHA who am I kidding, a HUGE change! Yay, I love the new design and style. I designed the layout and Mr. Project worked tirelessly to make my dreams become reality. 

Things have been crazy with work and work and work (I have three jobs), but hopefully with this redesign behind me, I’ll have a bit more time for projects. 

For a little eye candy… here is my most favorite digi kit ever! The one I just designed!


I made this kit for the Two Peas in a Bucket 10th birthday this month. So check it out, its available for purchase on Tuesday the 10th of February. So cute! 

3 responses to “Blog Redesign!”

  1. Jen says:

    Great design! It’s beautiful and I love your birds.

  2. Nice site design. Grats to “Mr Project” and yourself. I’m also a scrapper’s husband and my wife is getting me to put together her blog/website. We’re nowhere near finished yet, but in the meantime I’ve been looking around the internet for other nice scrapbook style blogs for inspiration. However there are very few nicely designed scrapbook themed sites out there – so extra special congratulations for having gone the extra mile.

    Oh and also nice to see you using WordPress.

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