Craft Room Inspiration

February 2nd, 2009

Every crafty lady daydreams about an impeccably decorated and organized craft room. One day you’ll get yours and I’ll get mine! But for now lets look at some great craft room ideas!

My most favorite craft room of all time is Heather Bailey’s. Everything about this room is perfect. From the pale pink walls to the funkified antique furniture. It is the perfect blend of beauty and function. I want!

Here is another great craft room. Simple, clean, classy. Desks can be made with any sort of shelf or cabinetry and a hard surface on top. Keep your eye out for furniture items that you think could be made into a desk.

This is such a beautiful closet craft room. I love the wallpaper behind the shelves. The color palate is what really makes this space delightful.


Of course most of us will never get a huge dreamy craft room, but whether you get a whole room, a closet or corner, or just the occasional daydream, here are some things to remember when planning your craft space:

Of course the number one reason that you have a craft room is so that you can actually do crafts. In all your glorious plans make this aim the central focus of your room. If you spend a lot of time sewing, then think of the best way to store thread. Sketch out your space and imagine yourself working through a project, where would things be most easily accessible. If you scrapbook or paper craft, an old card catalogue with lots of small drawers can be a great way to organize your embellishments. Just think about the things that you’ll be using all the time and build your room around that. 


Remember that your room is a place for you to go and create. Sensory input is a huge part of inspiration. Paint your walls your favorite color, or the compliment of your favorite color. Put up a huge bulletin board and every time you see a great photo, postcard, magazine article grab it and post it on your board.  Here is a great idea from Martha Stewart — A large frame painted white and a piece of homasote fiberboard cut to size and covered in fabric.

Use the height of the walls to your advantage, when you buy furniture for your room go big! You’ll never know when you will need an extra drawer or a nice long work surface. If your space is pretty small, a drop-leaf table is a great item to have. Ikea has big ones and small ones, this one is only $50.
Don’t get caught up in making everything match or coordinating the style of your desk to your cabinet and shelf. Have some fun with it! Go to garage sales and pick up some unique items, China hutches make great storage units, Just take out the glass and everything becomes more accessible. Anything that has a shelf in it can have holes drilled and a dowel inserted and you have a ribbon rod. The best thing about variety is that you can add to your room at any time, you don’t have to do it all in one day or one week, just collect items here and there, customize them with a little paint or glaze, maybe add a shelf, rods or hooks, and pretty soon you’ll have a beautiful and functional space.


Be Creative:
The reason you have this dedicated space is because you love to create! Don’t rush through the “decoration” process, use it as your creative outlet.  Paint some wide horizontal stripes on the wall, Mod Podge patterned paper onto the top of an old table, sew some chair pads or reupholster your chair. Whatever crafts that you like to do, tie those into your room and really make it your own.

Tell me about your craft room. Do you have your dream room? I’d love to see it. If not, what great ideas do you have to make your space truly yours?

21 responses to “Craft Room Inspiration”

  1. ali says:

    Okay, I don’t really do any crafts but I love that second room!

    (Under you at SITS!)

  2. Wow – I would love to spend a month or so locked up in each of these rooms. They are delish! Thanks so much for posting these photos!

  3. Laura says:

    I write from Italy…here a lot of houses are smaller than american or english houses but I’d like have a Craft Room! your is very beautiful!

    kisses from the city of the leaning tower…Pisa!

    sorry for my english thaat isn’t perfect!

  4. Madeline says:

    These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Monica says:

    I just love both rooms!! I am in the process to design my craft room, and I love the tall table on the 2nd room. thank you for sharing it!!!

  6. Michelle says:

    I hope you don’t mind I’m going to steal some of your ideas, I’m going to link to your blog from mine, great room!

  7. Wilma Rhodes says:

    These craft rooms remind me that mine is not what it should be…I need to do some brainstorming and get mine in shape, just for me! thanks

  8. Annie says:

    Love both those rooms!
    When we built our house, I turned the room designated for a child’s bedroom into my quilting/crafts room by enlarging the windows and adding a waisthigh counter with doored shelves underneath and open shelve above in one corner. I then had them take out the rod in the closet and put good sturdy shelves in there.
    Of course, it’s not a really large room (my greatest quilting studio dream), so for a smallish cutting table, I placed four open free-standing bookshelves back to back and put a cut-to-fit board ontop with a cutting mat glued on.
    Now my little room is as crammed and organized as I can possibly get it, but I NEED A BIGGER SPACE!!!!!.

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  10. emily says:

    i was also looking 4 craft room ideas and i love pink and i love that room but i also love this one but i would do pink walls and hardwood flooring:)

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  12. I do all kinds of crafting but my passion is floral design. Thanks for your ideas! I am in the process of designing a craft room and hopefully someday it will come about! these are beautiful rooms!

  13. My husband is building my craft room for me as a mothers day present, I decided to start a blog to go with my creative art and graphic work that I do. I am now looking for ideas on designing my craft room/art studio that I have named Spoonwood after all the Mountain Laurel in my yard. Love all your wonderful ideas, thank you so much for sharing!

  14. jennifer says:

    what color and brand is the second room painted. i love that color but am terrible at finding anything similar when at the paint store! Thanks!

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  16. Hannah says:

    I FINALLY got my own craft room (slash guest bedroom. I wish I could take out the guest bed….I dont give a flying poop about where our guests sleep! I want to creeate!) Anywho…I used an old (crappy) door I took out of the bathroom and propped it up between shelves. Then I covered it with super old vintage walpaper I found in my aunts basement. And I pretty much just have my crap stuck up everywhere. It is truly the definition of “organized chaos”. I (and everyone else) calls it my “nest”. lol

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