My Mind’s Eye – Winter CHA 2009

January 25th, 2009

If you are a scrapbooker or paper crafter, you probably know the company My Mind’s Eye. MME is an awesome paper company, we design, manufacture, and distribute the most beautiful paper out there. Its a great company to work for and I love it! I’ve been working for MME for more than 5 years. First as a product designer then a product developer and eventually a creative director. I’ve been going to the shows for the past few years taking care of a lot of details, but pretty much just having a lot of fun looking at all the great new trends out there. Yesterday Carina and I went to CHA to help set up the booth. I took a few photos, but i’m not too happy with them… I’ll try to get some better ones today. 

Here is an actual photo of me! and one of Carina at the bottom. The tower shows Carina’s new line Bella Bella that is debuting at the show. Its so beautiful, you really need to see it in person. Carina is so talented!

Fans of MME may know the sales guys who we lovingly refer to as the “Boy-hemians” (this came from our release of Bohemia(wasn’t it beautiful!) when they all had matching brown Bohemia t-shirts). They are some really great guys and here is a photo of them all taking a well-deserved break.

Also you’ll notice the awesome fronts to the towers of the booth. It was my idea to cut out tree’s from wood and put circles of patterned paper and a giant owl/bird in each. I think it turned out fantastic — I even want to do some trees just like them in my kids room some day. What do you think?
CHA starts today and I can’t wait! I’ll post more pictures tonight since there will be lots and lots of eye candy. What companies would you visit if you went to CHA?

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