Adventuring in San Francisco

January 23rd, 2009

I just happen to live in the coolest city in America – San Francisco! I just barely moved here though and so I’m just starting to venture out into the awesomness. This week, my friend Carina came to visit me. Both of us have blogs, so we grabbed our cameras and headed out onto the street!

What better way to start a day in california than at Sprinkles cupcakes! For some reason I didn’t get any pictures of the outside of the store or the cupcakes. But at least you get to see Carina sitting in a chocolate colored Bertoia Chair…

After we got over the inital sugar coma and did a little shopping in Palo Alto, we decided to find some fun shops in San Francisco. One of our most fun stores was a tiny antique shop called Cole Valley Antiques . They are close to Cole Hardware right around Cole & Parnassus. This little store had some really beautiful antiques. I loved the china, and all the gorgeous vintage jewelry. Its really a great place for vintage inspired brides! They even do appointments with bridal parties to pick out all matching jewelry. Of course no photo collage is complete without carina being goofy…
While in search of the perfect fabric store (for some drape project I’m working on), we came across a few great shops on Clement St. My favorite was Fleurt… They have all these great home accessories and they make the most beautiful fresh flower arrangements. Its definitely worth a visit when you just want a fun day shopping in this unique city.fleurt

Thats pretty much a recap of our fabulous day in the city. Be sure to check out Carina’s Blog to see her photos & commentary too! Also check back soon for some fun projects that i’ve done in the past few days, I just need to get everything sorted so I can show you!

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  1. i love the smell of fresh flowers, they can really make my day so beautiful;”.

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