A very cute cube pincushion

January 15th, 2009

My First Project! And hopefully the first of many.

I did something unthinkable to me just 6 months ago… I set out to start AND finish a personal project and I actually did it! I do so many projects for work and if I do have any free time, I usually spend it on facebook or surfing the internet.  So first of all, I’m so very proud of myself. Secondly, I can’t believe I successfully used my sewing machine! About 13 months ago I bought an amazing sewing/embroidery machine and have yet to sew something completely by myself on it. 

So I wanted to start with something fairly simple… ya know a good warm up to this uncharted territory of actually completing a project. About 6 months ago I bought a sewing project kit by Amy Butler. It has patterns of neat stuff AND even came with some fabric.


The box that I bought from Barnes & Noble

This is what the pattern shows is the "Final Product"

This is what the pattern shows is the "Final Product"

What you’ll need for this project:

1. Fabric – The pattern specifies wool. In my project closet I found 1 fat square of wool and a few bits of felt. I think this project would be fun in all felt — and no frayed edges. 


2. A few basic sewing items: scissors, ruler, chalk pencil, seam ripper, thread, needle, pins . After having completed the project, I would recommend a rotary cutter for the squares.


You can see why I need a new pin cushin...

3. A Sewing Machine

4. Apparently it is necessary to have an iron to sew… But I don’t have one… So I used my Flat iron to get the fabric flat.


After you have wrinkle-free fabric, you need to measure and cut it. I couldnt find my fabric ruler, so I used a tape measure… My mother would be mortified, but it worked! I marked 3.5″ along a straight looking edge of fabric and then cut the whole strip.


After I cut out one strip, I layed it on top of the fabric and cut out an identical strip. 

_dsc0070I then layed the two strips on each other but at a 90 degree angle to get the perfect height for my pieces. Once I had a 3.5″ x3.5″ square, I layed it on the other 3.5″ fabric strips to cut squares.

_dsc0071You will need 6 squares for this project.


Once you have the squares, you pretty much start sewing. If you are using a loose wool, you should sew a “stay stitch” which is basically a stitch close to the edge so that it does not frey.stay stitching on loose wool

After you have done the stay stitching, Start with 2 squares and  sew the 4 squares to each other in a row. Keep the right sides facing inward/toward each other, because you’ll want the raw edges showing on your pin cushin.


After you sew the squares to each other, you’ll want to sew the row ends together to make an “open” cube like this:


Okay now for the tricky part… The pattern instructs you to pin the remaining squares on the top and bottom of your cube. So i pulled out my trusty pins and started…



This proved fairly difficult and after sewing the first square, I found it fairly unnecessary so I took out all the pins and just held one edge to another while sewing. Please note that all raw edges are on the outside of the cube.


sewing with the annoying pins

Next I had to do the same thing to the bottom — but only on 3 sides. This I did completely without the needles and it worked just fine. 


the bottom sewn on three sides… waiting for stuffing

 So I don’t have any stuffing in my closet, so when I got to this point I thought I would just walk 2 minutes to the local quilting shop… Well I walk in and ask for batting and they are all sold out! What was I to do?? I had to get this post out for my readers! So I did what any crazed crafter would do…

I found a pillow!

I found a pillow!

and some scissors!

and some scissors!

Hehe I totally cannibalized a pillow… hopefully Mr. Project won’t mind! I don’t recommend it, but I had no other choice! 


The pincushion with incriminating pillow stuffing. Note: you'll need about 2.5 times more than you think you will




Okay to the hardest part… sewing the last panel while smooshing a 3.5″ cube through your sewing machine:


But… once that part was over! I had a fabulous cubic pincushion! Just trim all the loose threads and stick in some pins!


Sooooo… there’s my new fabulous pincushion! However, because I am crazy, I couldn’t stop at just a pin cushion… tomorrow I’ll post the other very cool item I made from this same pattern!

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  1. Shirley Haney says:

    Pincushion looks great……Happy Sewing….. Presently I am finishing my second quilt. Nice accomplishment for me. Best Wishes.

  2. Me and my mother enjoyed reading your blog post. Keep up the excellent job.

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