THE Project Girl

January 14th, 2009

tpgI’m Jen Allyson, The Project Girl. I know you are asking yourself… what gives this girl the right to call herself THE Project Girl?

Well you see, I always have these crazy ideas. Good ones, bad ones, high caloric ones. Mostly they revolve around fun yet overhelming projects. I, however, am not terribly good at excution. My life story is basically having amazing inspired ideas and either giving them to someone else to do all the work on  – or – I buy all the stuff create whatever the project is, and then I end up getting about 10% into said idea and then feel the need to chase my next big project!

So my current big project is to start a blog with the purpose of doing the following: 

1. Catalog all my big project ideas

2. Share them with you (hopefully in an inspiring way)

3. Actually start AND complete some of the fun projects that I have always dreamed of

I know I’m not alone. There are so many bright and talented women (and men) out there who want to spend their time making something beautiful for their home or sewing a skirt for their daughter but just can’t seem to find the time or motivation to start and most importantly finish the projects. You and I know that there are so many quilts, scrapbooks, handmade christmas gifts, you name it where all the tools and pieces are bought but the project gets shelfed before its even started.

I feel your pain! I know where you’re coming from! I have a closet full of this stuff too! And hopefully I can inspire you to get out that fabric you bought last year or finally paint the living room chocolate brown. Or at the very least you can live vicariously through the projects which I vow to start and finish with my dear blog readers in mind. 

And that is why I am The Project Girl!  Be sure to visit my site every thursday when I’ll post a (hopefully) completed project.

2 responses to “THE Project Girl”

  1. snugja says:

    Hi project girl. I’m excited to see your first project!

  2. Valerie says:

    I feel your pain — so many projects so little time. I look foward to your many projects to coe and it looks like you are off to a wonderful start!

    Yes, they are inspiring! Keep ’em coming!


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